Four solutions to your beauty concerns that don’t involve simply covering them up.

Four solutions to your beauty concerns that don’t involve simply covering them up.
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In the fast paced society of 2017, it can be tempting to opt for the quickest solution to any and all problems. This is especially true when it comes to the world of beauty. More and more people are attempting to fix their beauty woes by simply covering them up. For those struggling with their skin, there is makeup and fake tan. For those insecure about their bodies, there is plastic surgery or deceptive dress styles. The list goes on and on. However, it is possible to find more permanent and positive beauty solutions. Below are four ways to deal with your beauty concerns in a safe and healthy way.


Rather than investing the majority of your beauty budget in makeup, you might want to consider placing more emphasis on facial cleansers and washes. The right skincare regime can drastically improve your aesthetic. Instead of relying on highlighters and bronzers to give your skin a lift, why not find the perfect creams and serums to do this for you naturally? Taking care of your skin doesn’t mean you can’t still wear makeup, in fact, you may find that having clearer and brighter skin makes applying your makeup easier and quicker.

White teeth

In the plight for white teeth, many people are sacrificing the health of their teeth. Baking soda and harsh chemical whitening procedures can wear away your enamel. However, some experts argue that a solution can be found in coconut oil pulling. All you have to do is get a jar of coconut oil, take a teaspoon, and swill it around your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes. Make sure that you spit out the oil, and that when you do you spit it in the bin rather than down the drain, as oil can cause drainage issues. This is a natural way to whiten your teeth that works by removing dirt, not adding another layer to your teeth.


Exercise is a great way to feel more confident in your body. It’s not just about losing weight, it can be more about getting toned and building strength. Instead of spending money on clothes that cover you in all the right places, why not invest in a process that will help you love all of your body? It is also important that you make sure to sleep the recommended amount of hours, take vitamins, eat healthily and drink plenty of water. These are all essential ways to take care of your internal health and will have positive effects on your exterior appearance.

Hair care

Instead of relying on hairspray, blow-drying, extensions, weaves, or back-brushing to add volume to your thin or thinning hair, consider hair growth products for women. These will help your natural hair to be stronger, longer, thicker, and healthier and may mean you spend less time in the morning fiddling with your locks to make them presentable. Make sure to use a product that adds moisture to the hair and stimulates regrowth.

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