2017 Valentines Day Guide, Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by AliveCor.

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Welcome to our 2017 Valentines Day Guide. Here you will see many great products for that “Special Valentines Day” loved one. You will see gift ideas for Moms, Dads, Kids, and your pets! We will also share links to each product so you will be able to grab these great products!

When it comes to Valentines Day there are so many great gifts you can share with your loved one. Today we will share a gift that is unique, but yet very useful. It’s called Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by AliveCor .

You see candy, gifts, and food is all good, but staying informed about your health with real time results by using the Kardia Mobile Portable EKG will be a great gift to share with your loved one too!

Here’s why: This small but yet powerful device called the Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by AliveCor  is an instant EKG Analysis that captures a medical-grade EKG in just 30-seconds. Know instantly if your heart rhythm is normal or if atrial fibrillation (AF) is detected in your EKG.

That’s right, you heard me, this tiny device is powerful enough to pick up any abnormal heart activity and can cleverly be attached to any smartphone or tablet. The Kardia Mobile is clinically proven and used by leading cardiologists across the country. Not only will it track your heart, the Kardia allows you to also easily track palpitations, shortness of breath, dietary habits, sleep and exercise patterns. 

So by now you may be asking how does this small unit work? Well, it’s simple, just place your fore and middle fingers on the two tabs and the device will sync with the app and provide you with an analysis in just 30 seconds. You can also do this by placing your fingers on the monitor while putting the unit on a table and then place your fingers on it! It’s as easy as one , two , three, trust me.

Available to you also is a way for you to record voice memos to each analysis, detailing any symptoms or conditions that appear to be abnormal. Having all this information instantly provided via the Kardia Mobile, you’ll be able to immediately share your results with your doctor which in return can accelerate any medical attention if needed!

The Kardia Mobile is an FDA-approved heart monitor that you can purchase from AliveCor without a prescription.

The price for the Kardia Mobile Portable EKG  is $99 and so well worth every penny. Look at it this way, this device may save a life, will definitely save money on the cost of some EKG testing, it’s fast and accurate, and most of all it will last way longer than candy!


You can learn more about the Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by AliveCor via their Website| Facebook |Twitter | ShopAliveCor|




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  1. Theresa Jenkins on

    Yes, this is a great idea but the person I would give it to doesn’t have a smart phone or a computer and I still carry a flip phone.

  2. I think a portable ekg device is brilliant! The best thing about this is you won’t have to have those sticky pads all over you that takes your skin off when you pull them off..Ouch!!

  3. Patricia Barraclough on

    Interesting. There are so many new items available to keep track of our health. While a good idea, we need to remember to have regular checkups and take care of ourselves.

  4. Sally Gearhart on

    This is really cool and could help save lives which is fantastic! I would love to get my mother one, she’s had some issues and this might could put my mind at ease!

  5. What a handy tool to have! I can definitely see this being a great gift to give anyone for any special occasion/holiday! 🙂

  6. Kardia Mobile Portable EKG seems like a terrific and thoughtful gift. This would be perfect for my husband. There are so many amazing products out there now.

  7. I am very happy to learn about this technology and will research it more. I will turn 65 this summer and am worried about my heart.

  8. This is a wonderful product for those with heart related problems. It’s so wonderful that now items like these are smaller & portable making it easy to take them with you. Really appreciate the review!!

  9. So true!! Health is so very important!! And we of course need to keep those we care about healthy and with us forever!! Love this gift idea!

  10. I find it amazing that you just place your fore and middle fingers on the two tabs and the device will sync with the app and provide you with an analysis in just 30 seconds.

  11. Wow this is some cool gadget. Would never know with this you could prevent a stroke. I’m reading more about this could help save a loved one for sure.

  12. Dotty J Boucher on

    Oh wow! who would have thought about having something like this, Easy to use and can be done any where. Definitely a plus in medical and science.

  13. Jeanne Coulombe on

    This is a pretty cool thing for people who need to monitor their heart they are coming out with some pretty cool stuff these days.

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