2017 Valentines Day Guide Featuring MyCharge HubPlus Portable Charger.

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Welcome to our 2017 Valentines Day Guide. Here you will see many great products for that “Special Valentines Day” loved one. You will see gift ideas for Moms, Dads, Kids, and your pets! We will also share links to each product so you will be able to grab these great products!

Today we will share a gift that is unique, but yet very useful. It’s called the myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger before, but it’s a pretty cool charger. I’ve seen so many chargers on the market and to be honest it’s kind of hard finding the right one. Now myCharge has a great selection to choose from and I think the HubPlus will be perfect to share with your Valentines Sweetheart.

No matter if you are on the go or at home the HubPlus is ready to charge your devices, especially since it has two charger cables!

The size of the myCharge HubPlus is a little smaller than a cellphone and is very thick! Some may say it’s heavy, but me, I think it’s in the range of slightly heavier than some of the ones I have on hand. I love the silver sleek design and the fact that you can place this charger in your pocket or purse because of the compactness. With having the built-in wall prongs accessible you can plug and charge into any wall outlet with ease plus it also features a USB outlet.

The myCharge HubPlus has a 6700mAh portable charge and it’s a convenient, powerful, portable charger that we all need to have on hand.  myCharge offers this awesome charger for $79.99 and for a powerbank that recharges up to 50% faster it’s worth every penny!

Now, go here and check out myCharge full line of chargers and while you’re there select one for your Valentines Day Sweetie!



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Howdy everyone, I just wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All prize fulfillment will be provided by Sponsors.* This post also contain affiliate links*.


  1. Jerry Marquardt on

    I appreciate all of the nice and useful information on this review covering the MyCharge HubPlus Portable Charger. This makes the decision a lot easier for purchasing either this or another product by exposing the information so I am able to make a more rational decision.

  2. My spouse travels a lot, and he has a lot of gadgets that always need charging. This could be a great solution for him. Thanks for your review.

  3. 50% faster charging is exactly what I need. I’ve tried a few mobile chargers but they were either too bulky or take too long to charge my devices. The Mycharge line sounds like the perfect solution,

  4. Trisha Carlson on

    This is so cool! Thank you for a chance to win this. I’m always having trouble holding a charge this seems like it would be perfect!!

  5. This looks like a really high quality charger. I’ve had so many cheap ones that disappointed me. I think this would be great for anyone! Especially since it’s so fast.

  6. Margaret Appel on

    I have heard & seen advertisements for similar products and wondered how they actually worked. Thank you for a very informative article! I hate being out & about only to find my phone has died & no way to charge it.

  7. I’ve never heard of this charger before but we sure could use it! My teenager is so reckless with them and I am constantly being asked for a new one. Great post!

  8. I love the portable chargers. I always bring mine when I go out for shipping but I think it is not enough for traveling. I love this myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger. It looks so stylish and functional!

  9. This would be so handy especially during the hard winter months when we lose power often. Being physically disabled and alone the majority of the time I need to have my phone with me at all times. It also sounds like it has the power one needs in case of emergencies and would be a very handy gadget. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Renee Rousseau on

    The myCharge HubPlus is perfect for travel, both long plane trips and long, long shopping trips! I wouldn’t leave home without it.

  11. Portable chargers seem to be a necessity nowadays with more powerful devices requiring more than just the phone/device battery. I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen from myCharge.

  12. This is the first I have heard of My Charge Hub and I am surprised that there are not more of these on the market. I know this would be something I would use as my battery tends to rundown at the worst of times

  13. Dotty J Boucher on

    I love that this charger charges up faster and is very convenient to take with you every
    where you need to go, without taking up to much space.

  14. Michelle Simons on

    I like the fact that it has built-in wall prongs accessible you can plug and charge into any wall outlet. I really would love one. Great review too.

  15. Melissa Storms on

    I could really use this, I always forget to charge my devices and am scrambling for a way to charge them on the go.

  16. Elizabeth Tarlow on

    I had never heard of the myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger before, but it sure looks like a winner! I love that it has two charger cables! Thanks for your great review!

  17. It is hard finding the right charger, I haven’t found that one that I just absolutely love yet. I am liking everything about the HubPlus Portable Charger, really like that it has 2 chargers & charges 50% faster! That’s awesome especially since the kids phones are always needing charging, thanks for sharing.

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