Welcome To Our “All Season Kids Guide”, a little something for every age! Todays Showcase Kindera!

Welcome To Our "All Season Kids Guide", a little something for every age! Todays Showcase Kindera!

Welcome to the Night Helper  “ALL SEASON KIDS GUIDE”!  Grab your pen and paper, sit back, and get ready to view some awesome product ideas for your kids this month! We will make sure to leave you with links to visit every product just in case you’re seeking to purchase some cool kid products!


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Today we want to showcase our first product which is the Kindera

 I’m sure you may be asking what is this Kindera device? Well, you know how our children enjoy browsing the internet, but sometimes they may come upon a website that is not suitable for them. Well, Kindera will allow us parents to supervise our children while they’re on the internet and will block unwanted content from them viewing!

Kindera is a simple to setup hub that connects to your existing home router that allows you to supervise your home Internet from your smartphone wherever you are. Kindera will allow you to Monitor, Filter and Limit access to any websites, customized for each of your children. Now, that’s a big plus to be able to customize for each of your children considering you may have children in different age groups! Parents will be able to see everywhere their child surfs on the internet. Another great feature is the notification feature when your child has stepped outside of his or her browsing boundaries while on the internet! The moment attention is needed you will definitely be notified parents!  Kindera can also limit the amount of time your children spend on the internet, I really like this feature.  Too many young children spend way too much time on the internet all day, this unit will help control your child’s usage and actually help them to develop better sleeping habits too!

Having the ability to supervise your children while on the internet with a device like this is “Awesome”! Set the system for the desire hours to allow your children to watch videos or browse the internet, then sit back and watch the Kindera shut off! You can set automatic bedtime, set access schedule for each child on any day , limit specific web applications or websites on a schedule, such as allow Facebook only on weekends or limit Instagram from 4pm to 5pm on a school night.

The Kindera is compatible with all  of your home devices; tablets, personal devices, Smart TVs, media players, game consoles, etc., regardless of brand and age. Another great thing about Kindera is there are no software installation requirements and it will be up and running in 3 simple steps.

I don’t know about you, but this is an Excellent device to invest in, there’s nothing like a peace of mind knowing your children are safe while on the internet!

The Kindera is compatible with any router. Kindera is a multicore bual bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11 b/g/n/ac device that supports speed of up to 1300 Mbps.

Here are more specifications about Kindera:

PROTECT your children from Internet dangers; TEACH them how to manage online distraction.

  • MONITOR – Be able to see where your children go online, wherever you are.
  • FILTER – Allow your different children to only use applications, see web content and YouTube videos appropriate for their age.
  • LIMIT- Control the amount of time and when your children are allowed online. Turn off the Internet access of a device in an instant wherever you are. Receive notifications when your attention is needed.
  • Fully compatible with your existing router and Internet service


Now listen, Kindera has been kind enough to allow one parent the opportunity to win a Kindera, cool right! Enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Connect with Kindera via Facebook |Twitter | ShopKindera | to keep up with the latest.




Disclosure: Howdy everyone, I wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. I like the great statistics on the specifications of this mighty find tool to help keep the kids safe. I thank you for the expensive review as I am read to purchase one of these.


  2. This is a must have for parents! Wish I had one a few years ago!


  3. I would love this. I go to bed early and I know that my kids are still sneaking on their devices at bedtime.


  4. I think this would be great as a gift to my daughter for my grandkids. It would be nice to make them safer.


  5. Extremely innovative. Thanks for sharing.


  6. This looks so very helpful for those parents who want their kids to be safe and secure. I love we can limit the time. I never heard of it Thanks for amazing review.


  7. This is my first raffle, i hope these entries are lucky!


  8. This is genius! I have a 7 year old. I allow her to use the iPad, but I’m always saying, sit by me, and what’re you watching? [she likes to watch Netflix while doing other tasks]. This would be nice, especially as she gets older, to give her a bit more freedom while still being in-tune to what is happening.


  9. I love that it limits the time so I don’t have to worry when I’m not home.


  10. I love this!!! When my older 3 were younger, it was much easier to watch what they were doing because the internet wasn’t everywhere but now with my 11 year old it is on everything, even the the tv. While she actually is very good and responsible with it, I still remained concerned. A few years ago she and her friends were having a sleepover and they googled sleepover ideas(or something to that effect but very innocent), What popped up but a video of the old movie Candyman–it was the scene of the girl in the bathroom and he appears in the mirror. None of the girls slept for the next month. I know first hand how very innocent can turn into a mess of the internet.


  11. Really like the Kindera and need something like this to watch my 5 kids online. They all have kindles so seem to stay online quite a bit.


  12. A great way to keep the kids safe. I like how it can limit the amount of time kids are allowed online also.


  13. This little device will be a well-worth investment for any one who often wonders what their kid is looking at on the internet. There are so many scams and viruses out there and kids aren’t always real careful or know the dangers of clicking on or going to certain websites.


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