Ways To Save Money When Unexpected Bills Come In!

Ways To Save Money When Unexpected Bills Come In!

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There is no right time to receive an unexpended bill. We pay out for so much in life that it seems like we’re constantly doing it. What tends to hurt the most is the big stuff. When things break, or prices increase, we can often feel a bit lost or frustrated. When instead, we can get thrifty.

Whether you’ve just moved to a new home and things have gone wrong, or you get a letter you were not expecting, turn to the affordable solutions that are available. Here are five of the most frustrating unexpected bills and what you can do to reduce their costs.

Your Car Broke Down

First up, it’s a biggie. Cars are something we rely so much upon, but they’re not always that reliable. And, to top it off, they almost always break at the worst of times. Instead of taking it into the shop and awaiting a pricey bill, why not take matters into your own hands? You can buy things like oem car parts online to bring down the overall cost. Then, either see if the shop will fit them, or get a mechanic friend to help you out.

The Boiler Gave Up

After cars, the second most painful, unexpected bill can often be when your boiler calls it quits. And again, they never seem to break when you’re flush with cash and ready to upgrade it anyway. Some of the best home improvements you can do involve solar panels. Now, they might be another expense that you have to make upfront, but you have to think about the long term benefits here. You’ll be saving on your household bills in the future.

Your Landlord Increases Your Rent


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Although there may be no reason for it in your eyes (and the rest of the worlds), from time to time, landlords want to up your rent. Whether they’re tracking inflation, their mortgage rate has increased, or they got a new valuation, you can sometimes find out that your rent will increase. If you can’t afford the extra cost, or you don’t believe it’s just, see what you can do and try and negotiate with your landlord. Perhaps you’ve improved the home yourself or, on the flip side, it has problems that you can put right, for the cost of your rent staying the same.

A Tax Bill Arrives

Sometimes, no matter how organized you think you are, taxes can crop up. If a tax bill arrives and it’s an amount you’re not sure about, hire an accountant. Even if you think you can handle your taxes on your own, an accountant is worth the small investment. They can check over everything and yes, they cost for doing that, but they can also save you money in the long run.

Your Renewal Is Higher Than Last Year

In life, we have contracts and insurances that last for a set period, such as a year. When they’re up for renewal, the prices can seem astronomical. When that happens with your cell plan, the internet or various insurances, be sure to shop around. Negotiate where you can and compare renewal prices. You could save a small fortune in the process.



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