Movavi Screen Capture Review.

Movavi Screen Capture Review.

Even if you have never tried to record your own screen, you’ve probably seen at least some videos that have been created by doing so – especially in the form of how-to guides or tutorials. Because of how popular these videos are, most people assume they are the main reason to want to record a computer screen – but that is far from the truth.

 Frankly speaking, screen recording is can prove useful in several ways. Because you can record whatever is on your screen, you can use it to save Skype calls, capture online streaming videos, record in-game footage, and much more. Of course to accomplish any of that you’ll need a screen video recorder – and Movavi Screen Capture will fill that role handily.

Screen Recording Made Easy

 In contrast to the widely-held view that screen recording is complicated and technical, Movavi Screen Capture provides a more user-friendly approach. With its intuitive user interface and simple controls, you will find that setting it up to record video footage from your screen is a piece of cake.

 All you need to do to actually record your screen in Movavi Screen Capture is click and drag the mouse cursor to select the area that you want to record, pick the audio source, and click the ‘REC’ button to start recording. To make it more convenient to control the recording there are hotkeys that will allow you to start, stop, and pause it at any point.

 Additionally if you can’t be present to manually control the recording, Movavi Screen Capture has a timer that will automatically stop it after a certain duration, or a scheduler so you can set it to start and stop at a particular time. In short you will be able to manage your recording automatically and review it when you get back.

Full Control Over Recording Parameters

While its user-friendly nature is undoubtedly a big part of its appeal, Movavi Screen Capture is a powerful and capable screen recorder at heart. With it you can fully adjust the recording parameters including the frame rate, audio source, sound levels, and set it up to capture keyboard and mouse actions too. 

On top of that when the recording is done you will be able to review the footage and trim out any parts that you don’t need. When you are satisfied, Movavi Screen Capture will even help you to save it by providing you with hundreds of built-in presets that are tailored to various devices.

Simply put you should have no problem recording Skype calls, online streaming videos, or any other content you want from your screen with Movavi Screen Capture. If you want you could even start right now – and it will just take you a few minutes to get underway.

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