Keep Your Eyes On Your Loved Ones With Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit

Keep Your Eyes On Your Loved Ones With Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit

If you’re seeking to add a little more security to your home, you might want to check out this nice Vivitar home security camera kit. This system will enable you to view everything around your home or office with ease. The All In One Smart Home Starter Kit  will be perfect for your home or office!

The Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit includes everything you need to get you started. It features a WiFi motion sensor with camera, WiFi electric outlet with 2 USB ports for power, Bluetooth light bulb and night vision mode captures clear images in darker settings, and a built in microSD card slot records video locally.

You’ll be able to stream super clear HD video securely to your phone or tablet with the built-in app or over Wi-Fi. With motion detection, night vision and multi-camera viewing angles you will know exactly what is going on when and where it happens.  You can also set timers to turn light on or off, it has a 2Gb Free Cloud Storage and a talk 2 U technology which will allow you to communicate through the camera

One of the features I think you’ll enjoy is how you can select different colors on your light bulb and not only is your bulb color changing it also has the ability to change colors and strobe at different speeds, pretty cool ha! As you may know there are many smart devices on the market and each one serves a great benefit just like the Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit.

Personally I like this system for so many reasons, it’s easy to set up, has a motion sensor camera, so anything that moves within your area it will put up, has voice over capabilities and night vision and much more!

It’s always good to know what is going on in and around your home! Once you download the require app and follow instructions for setup you’re ready to view exactly what’s going on around your home! 

The Vivitar Deluxe Home Automation Essentials Kit retails for $88.99 and can be found at many retail stores.


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