Get A Personalized Text From Santa.Com For Your Kids! #ad #giveaway

Get A  Personalized Text From Santa.Com For Your Kids! #ad #giveaway

Make the countdown to Christmas more fun for the kids this year with a personalized texts from Santa! Less than 36 days Christmas will be upon us and you can make it even more special for the kids by having Santa send them a text messages filled with Christmas spirit!

You may be wondering, how can we do this? Well, sit back and listen because is ready to take your kids Christmas spirit to a whole new level . The process is simple, and not only do offer a wonderful service of Christmas texting to your children, there are many other services offered from the website we’ll talk about them in a few.

To get started, Mom or Dad need to  fill out a short form so Santa can send personalized texts to your children. Before long you and the kids will learn what’s going on at the North Pole in preparation for Christmas!

Your children will receive text messages with amusing facts, cute Christmas spirit messages, positive values and much more from Santa! Santa even sends joke texts for adults!  main focus is on positive lessons, not presents. Santa’s Nice List promotes politeness, good habits, and reading.

Remember when I told you earlier that offer other services, well here they are:

  • E-mails from Santa (free!) – has the most genuine email Santa Service. We are the only site in the World that Will send a detailed, thoughtful, reply using the email [email protected]
  • Text Messages from Santa ($9.99)- Receive daily, personalized text messages filled with Christmas spirit, amusing facts, and positive values. It’s a great, no-stress Way to enjoy Some Christmas Spirit every day.
  • Handwritten Notes from Santa -in late November offers a new service for sending handwritten notes from Santa. Stay tuned for further details.

Kids can also enjoy reading Santa’s occasional newsletters and blog, plus the site is Kids Safe, privacy protected, FTC approved and designed for ages 1-120!

But wait, there’s more to this awesome website, your kids can even download Coloring Templates  created by Santa!

Santa himself has drawn some special Christmas pictures for you to color! Click on the button to download and print Santa’s drawings. Don’t forget to tuck one or two of them into your letter to Santa, or have your parents scan and attach them to an e-mail.

I intend to have the kids download a lot of these for the night before Christmas so we can have a coloring contest. That is a ritual we do every year and these Santa templates would be perfect! Overall the website will definitely bring lot’s of joy and many smiles to your children. This is the first year Jordan has received a new cell phone so I can’t wait to have Santa send him a text message! I’m sure this site will definitely allow him to make many memories and share them with his friends and family during the holidays!

Don’t forget to enter the Contest:

        • (l) Santa.Com fidget Spinner Wrapped in gift paper and a Santa.Com ribbon
        • (1) eco-friendly folding tote bag
        • (l) Santa Libs storybook and Coloring pages
        • (l) Oval bumper sticker
        • (1) pen

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This is a sponsored post composed by the Night Helper Staff, however all opinions expressed in this post is that of the writer.


  1. Oh my goodness. I have a couple little boys who would really freak out over this. I will have to do it for them, they’ll love it. Talk about a great way to bring more excitement for the littles!


  2. Isn’t it crazy the way things have changed. Text from santa? How cool is that? My boys will love this. My youngest had been asking for Santa’s number. Lol thank you for the code!


  3. My kids would love this! I appreciate the text messages, but I’m old school so I love the idea of the hand-written letters!


  4. I love the idea of them getting a personalized text from someone they are a huge fan of. My kiddo would most enjoy getting one from Chase on Paw Patrol. Secondly, he’d enjoy any of the PJ Masks characters texting him.


  5. This is great and once again I wonder where was this when my daughter was little? She would have loved it. I love the idea of getting them in on the celebrating for every holiday and this is a great way to get them into the Christmas spirit. Also what a great giveaway, so much fun!


  6. My kids would like this. We have never pushed Santa, but they have picked it up from school. They were discussing today what a child would have to do to get coal in their stocking! Haha! I told them they were welcome to find out, and that was the end of that discussion. 🙂


  7. I actually like this way, I know kids are becoming more and more tec savy, this way it kind of gives them instant gratification and might feel a little bit closer to Santa being real. I still liked getting a personal letter back from the one you would write in as a child and having it sent to your home address.


  8. We have not done this before but i am going to show this to my husband. I think my kids would really love this magic. They are 5 and 7 so we are on the age of when they could start questioning santa.


  9. This sounds amazing! My son no linger believes in Santa, so its a mute point for me. But what a great opportunity for moms of younger children that still believe.


  10. This would be great for both my daughter and son. Such a fun, interactive way to keep the magic alive during the holidays. Thanks so much for sharing!


  11. This is so cool. My young daughters would love to get a text from Santa. And thanks for the great giveaway!


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