Father’s Day Gift Guide, a gift from Hammacher Schlemmer‎ that will make any Dad Happy!

Father's Day Gift Guide, a gift from Hammacher Schlemmer‎ that will make any Dad Happy!

On June 18th many people will be celebrating Father’s Day! It’s a day where many dad’s will sit back and enjoy their day, whether it’s dining out, watching a good movie, relaxing in his favorite chair, or just enjoying opening up his gifts from his kids!

If you’re anything like me, you too, just don’t know what to get Dad this year since he never ask for anything, but he loves just about everything. So my thoughts were to find dad something he could use in his garden since he enjoys keeping his garden clean and spiffy.

I decided on the The 145 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower from Hammacher Schlemmer‎

Now the The 145 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower would definitely help dad in doing his lawn work. You see, the 145 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower is a cordless electric blower that moves leaves with a wind speed equivalent to an EF-3 tornado. Operating at a max 145 mph, its brushless motor is powered by a rechargeable 80-volt battery.

The blower efficiently clears debris from lawns, driveways, and patios with minimal effort without the bulk and noise of its clunky gas-powered cousins. The unit’s tube provides a powerful, concentrated current ideal for unclogging gutters, clearing rooftops, and cleaning behind bushes. A 40-minute charge via its AC plug provides a full charge. 40″ L x 11 1/2″ W x 5 1/2″ D. (9 3/4 lbs.)

So the next time Dad prepare to do his lawn, he’ll have no trouble controlling those leaves or clearing debris from his driveway or patio.

If you’re not sure if Dad would like a cordless leaf blower, that’s Ok too, because Hammacher Schlemmer‎  has an array of wonderful products for dad!

The Photo and Video Smart Watch would make an awesome gift to share with your dad this Father’s Day! This is the smart watch that captures pictures, record videos, and functions as your personal communication hub. Its integrated camera has an 8X digital zoom and anti-shake function that enable effortless composing of shots and its .3 MP sensor captures images at 240 x 240 resolution or 640 x 480 AVI video at 15 fps. Digital pictures and video are quickly accessible on the watch’s touch screen face for instant viewing. The watch also pairs with an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

If you took a moment to visit the Hammacher Schlemmer‎  website you will see an array of awesome products that you could select to share with your dad this Father’s Day!

I’m sure no matter what you select Dad will be smiling with joy! #Happy Father’s Day from Hammacher Schlemmer‎ !



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  1. I live in an apartment complex so we wouldn’t need the leaf blower (although it is very nice that is is cordless) but that watch is amazing!


  2. The 145 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower from Hammacher Schlemmer‎ is a great idea! We actually just bought him a new weed wacker.


  3. Wow! the cordless leaf blower would be a great father’s Day gift for my husband. My husband would love this!


  4. I don’t know about dads, but that awesome leaf blower would make me happy. I’ve wanted and needed one for a while.


  5. The Cordless Leaf Blower from Hammacher Schlemmer‎ would make my husband happy he could use it to blow the leafs off our deck.


  6. Wow, I didn’t know they made cordless leaf blowers! That would be for me, lol. My husband doesn’t do yard work, but I find leaf blowing oddly relaxing. That watch is super cool, though! I bet he’d like that!


  7. I have not seen a cordless leaf blower yet! My husband would love this. I still am not sure what I will be getting him for Father’s Day but my family has been shopping at Hammacher Schlemmer for many years. We have a great towel warmer that we use during the cooler months that we have from them.


  8. Oh, I’m certain that Dad will enjoy receiving a cordless leaf blower for Father’s Day. That’s all he’s talked about. I guess we should take the hint finally. Call me selfish, but the smart watch is mine!


  9. Great Father’s Day gift ideas. WE are doing some fun little hand made gifts this year but for my husbands birthday we might be doing something like this. Thanks for the great ideas!


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