Listen to Me, Please! Review & Giveaway!

  WOW!! I had a chance to review “Listen To Me, Please”!, last week with my grandkids. What an Awesome book to share with your children. It touched on so many feelings that our children go through everyday!.The books and songs are devoted to helping Parents have fun with their children while improving the child’s behavior! I love the  teaching and technique skills that “Listen To Me, Please ” uses for teaching


  Hi everyone, Last week I had a chance to review the new reusable BRYTON PICK  dental floss pick. Not only did I try them but I also included my youngest daughter since she has braces. The BRYTON PICK comes with a slight bend shape and a light weight stainless steel edge. It’s the new way to floss your teeth after dinner or snacking. They are what you can call a quick solution

Hear ye, hear ye, "The Little Sprout" has arrived !!

I just can’t believe it…”The Little Sprout” has arrived!! Hear ye, hear ye world, the Little Sprout has come to bring much joy to every child who reads about him. My daughter and I were so excited to know that “The Little Sprout” had reached our home. The day it came my daughter was in school and I promised I wouldn’t open the package until she got home. Well, when she

Exposed Envy Bra Strap review & giveaway!!

              Are you looking for some great Decorative bra straps!!   Look no more…”Exposed Envy” carries everything you need . I had the privilege of reviewing one of their wonderful Bra Straps sets. They sent me the most beautiful rhinestone set of bra straps I’ve ever seen. With over 100 styles to chose from, “Exposed Envy” offers rhinestone, beaded, colored and printed removable bra straps

On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat Review!!!!

Our two year old grandson is now in the potty training stage. He seems to like the  ‘big potty’ more than the  “kids potty” chair. His mom and dad is happy about that because that means they don’t have to haul a potty chair everywhere they go. I was so excited when I was contacted  to review the On–the–Go Inflatable Potty Seat  this would allow me  the opportunity to learn more about them!

All Terrain Kid's Lip Balm Review & Giveaway!!

  Here in MI it can get very hot and dry during the Summer months. My two daughters and I  use a lot of lip balm during this time of year and even so during the Winter months. Upon reviewing All Terrain Kids Lip Armor  we were  pleased with the product results. You see “All Terrain”products are made to protect your child outdoors allowing them to still have fun but making sure

Purex Complete with ZOUT Review!!

      WOW!! Now this is what you call a Great product. Over the weekend my husband and I had a chance to use the new “Purex Complete Zout”! You see he is the laundry guy in our house! I must say we both were pleased with this product. As a Purex Insider, I’m able to review their products before they go to the market..Thanks Purex for choosing me!   We found

TheraBreath review & giveaway! (ends 3/26/11)

I had a chance to review TheraBreath products for more then seven days. Many of you know that dealing with bad breath can be very upsetting and quite difficult to deal with. So many people are walking around with Halitosis and  not aware of the bacteria that causes bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by some foods we eat and a group of anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria which breed beneath the surface

*Purex Complete Crystals Softeners Review*

Yes!! I was selected to become an  Purex® Insider.  This opportunity will allow me to share with you exciting new products released from Purex. I just used the new Crystal Softener just this weekend and all I can say is WOW!! First I must say I was so impressed at how the product was packaged…it was so cool to see how Purex had this wonderful product in a beautiful  blue box. I

Small Surf Showstopper review!!!

I had the privilege to review the “Surf Showstopper” which is pictured in these photos. It’s a convenient wrist bag for men or women. Inside is a large pouch  that can hold an iPhone or mp3 player, while the zippered compartment can hold an  credit card, or cash. There is also an outer zippered pocket for your keys or any other valuable that you need quick access to. I love that it’s durable to sustain any season

Need A Good Nursing Uniform...look no more!

   Wow, look at us now! Things have really changed since the 40’s and 60’s with our . As a retired nurse one thing I looked forward to everyday was picking out my uniform for work. The good thing about working out in the field is that we were not required to wear corporate uniforms. The soft fabric of the material was always so comfortable and very easy to clean

Everyone Needs A Good Clock!

I’m a lover of clocks! In every area of my home you will find some type of wall clock. I have always been fascinated about how they work and how they are made. If you have a home without a  Wall-Clock. then your home is missing something. I can’t go pass my clocks without looking at the time, let alone the beauty of them all. Even in my daughters room  you

Brilliant Screen Cleaning Wipes review/giveaway

    WOW, I haven’t seen a great product like this in a very long time…oops, let’s say NEVER! All of my TVs, Computers, Phones and electronics period had every finger print or smudges that you could ever image on them. It’s really hard to find a good product that will clean your electronics without scratching or leaving some smearing residue on them. So when I was asked to review

Miracles can happen when you use Isle Of Eden...Gourmet Body & giveaway!!!

WOW, I can’t believe Christmas is over already…can you? It was truly wonderful for me and my family and I hope it was the same for you and yours. Over the course of Christmas I had the pleasure of reviewing Isle Of Eden Whipped Body Scrub. I shared one of my body scrubs with my daughter. I tried the Jade Empress and my daughter tried the Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake.

You Moo, I Moo, we all Moo for Udderly Smooth Review & Giveaway!

I was pretty excited to be offered the opportunity to review and giveaway “UDDERLY SMOOTH” products. I must say for years I have always used my own Skin Cocktails like mixing Cocoa Butter, Vaseline, Coconut Oils and many other products to help assist with my dry skin! Now let’s get down to it…. my whole family is totally Pleased with “UDDERLY SMOOTH” products. I have always had really dry feet