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Are you a mom seeking to find that right answer to some of  your mom concerns. Like, how to breastfeed, potty training, or what products are right for your little ones. Well, “My Baby Expert TV Show” offers you expert advise by real moms for real moms. So many moms feel alone during this transition of having a baby but with the great resources and expert opinions from “My Baby

A Mothers Love!!!!

I’ve been away for a while. Just a month ago I lost my mom and I’ve been feeling lost and really down. “A Mothers Love Is Special”, the moment our moms give birth to us we form a bond that will forever hold us together. Moms are the glue that hold everything together when no one else can. They nourish us, protect us, teach us, laugh/cry with us and much more. 

Travel Nurse Jobs!

There’s nothing more rewarding then helping others!  I used to work in the Homecare/Hospice nursing setting for many many years. I traveled  from city to city seeing patients and I loved every bit of it. Since my injury  I have had to retire from nursing but if I had a chance to go back and do it all  again(nursing that is) I would without a blink of an eye!  If your kids share?

I went to see my little grandsons today and both were out having a ball with each other. Playing, laughing, swimming and more. They look so delightful until that moment came of “he took my toy” or “give it back” or “he won’t share with me.” lol lol I just stared at the both of them thinking to myself, “What went wrong?” Where is the love they both shared in

Hey, Hey,'s Summertime!

School is officially out for most kids. They are ready to rock and roll with lots of fun things to do! Hanging with friends, having summer parties and visiting all sorts of summer amusement parks. Many are getting ready for summer camp, swimming classes and boating trips with there love ones. Woohoo, so cool ha!! We must understand that summer is more serious then most of us think! Sometime it

"This could happen to your child"

Hi Everyone, I felt the need to write about something many of you may or may not have ever heard of before, let a long, thought it could happen. Just recently I saw a story about a young child who was burned due to her putting her moms USB Cable Cord in her mouth. This pretty little girl was just like any average young child, walking, running and playing around

Back to School!

It’s been a wonderful Holiday for me and my kids but “It’s Back to School“. A new year and a new beginning! I know it will be hard getting them back in the swing of things since they have been off for sometime but as parents we must help them by allowing them to get the proper rest that there bodies are required to have. I know many of us

"Mommy why is this happening to me"?

Each day millions of moms and dads hear these words “Why is this happening to me“. Some children are going through some difficult times right now. Some behavior has changed, some have become rude, some have been bullied, some are experiencing changes in there body many are dealing with bed wetting…let’s say over 13 million kids alone in the United States for that condition. Some having social problems that they

Is this your child!!!!

As a parent, some of us have come across this issue with our children experiencing bed wetting one way or another. It is considered one of the most embarrassing situation that a child and parent has ever dealt with. It’s really not as bad as you think! When you take time to address the issues you’ll find that there are many solutions available to help your child! Waking up with

Septemper is Baby Safety Month!!!!!!

September is Baby Safety Month. Most people look at baby safety month as a month of awareness with baby products. I do agree with that, but I also agree that it is baby safety month with the care of our babies. Now and days, many baby products are either being recalled or has cause death to many babies. The government has even made it harder for products to get into

Back to school is here again!!!!!!!

Well it’s here…Back To School Time!!!! Many children as of last week have started back to school and many are starting up this week and next week. Back to school can become such a challenge for some children. Many are attending school for the first time and this can sometimes cause anxiety attacks for smaller children. These types of anxiety attacks can also cause a change in behavior. Sometimes causing

Kids do the darndest lol

OK…here we go! I had to write about this! I found this to be so funny. Recently my youngest daughter lost some of her dolls which she loved so much. When I tell you she really loves her dolls, she really do. It’s so funny watching her play with them. She dresses them in many different outfits almost everyday. One day when I can into her room I saw her

I'll Always Love You!!!

Stairway to Heaven….. Hello everyone, First I must Thank my best friend the Muse for inspiring me to write this piece!! I have really missed writting for you. I want to first thank all of my readers and friends for offering me your support and prayers for the lost of my second sister Donna M. Hendrix. Sit back and let me share with you about what’s been going on the

You are not alone !!!!!!!

Hello everyone, Hope this day finds everyone doing well. As many of you know I am working on my product and the responses that I have received have been overwhelming. Today I got a wonderful email from a young lady that I didn’t even know. She said she came across my information from someone else…which made me feel so good to know that others are still thinking about me and

What has happen to our children!!

As I sit here this wonderful cold day…I think to myself What Has Happen To Our Children! From the day they where born we as parents have always been excited, loving, caring and over protected of them.I just can’t understand what has gone wrong with our kids. Remember the times we use to play Red Light Green Light or Mother May I or Hide And Seek and lets not forget

Checking out Craftzine.....Summer Fun Well I just wanted to let every parent know that even though summer time is here there is so much for our kids to do. Even though gas prices are extremely high there are so many sites that can help you and your children still have fun at home.A good friend of mine name Cece shared this wonderful site with me. Wow ..I tell you this site carries so

What is the most funniest thing your child has ever said!! Kids say the darndest things!

As many of you know I love children and I feel compelled to ask you: What is the most funniest thing your child has ever said. You know children are truly remarkable and they bring so much joy and laughter to us all. Yes, I know….. sometimes even though we love them so much they can also be a pain in the butt. LOL But on the other hand sometimes