Tea Collection review & giveaway (US only)

Hi everyone, Lisa here with our first giveaway for Mommy and Me Giveaways’ Happy Holidays 12 Days of Giveaways! First of all a big thank you to my blogger friends who are also sharing this giveaway on their blogs! Please be sure to follow them in the entries below! I’m excited to bring you this great review and giveaway from Tea Collection, which has become one of my favorite kids

Guest post, Taking On-line Graduate Classes from home!

Tips for taking online graduate classes from home when working full time Earning a graduate degree is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, with obligations like a full time job, a family and personal time, the goal of earning a graduate degree can seem like an impossible one. However, an increasing number of students are discovering that they can earn a graduate degree online. These online programs are offered by

Finding the Balance for Family Time When One Parent Works Nights.

Health experts from across many fields know the value of balancing work and family. It is important to make sure that the personal needs of family time are not overwhelmed by heavy work schedules. Failure to maintain this balance results in higher levels of stress, depression, contributes to increased risk of divorce and a myriad of other physical and emotional problems. This balance is difficult to maintain in the best

Guest Post, 10 Risky Teen Behaviors You Should Be Aware Of

Many teenagers think they are invincible, and are always looking for the next thrill.  While the stunts that were tried 10 to 20 years ago may have seemed daring and dangerous at the time, teens today are pushing the envelope in even more dangerous new ways.  Parents truly need to be aware of the risky things that some teens are doing. 1) Planking- Kids have taken what started out being

Teaching Your Kids About Redecorating.

Teaching Your Kids About Redecorating Redecorating a home is an excellent time to get the whole family involved. When parents involve their children in redecorating the home, they are able to teach them valuable lessons about room design, budgeting and how to plan for comfort and functionality. Not only does decorating a room teach children important skills, but it will also inspire them to help to take care of their

Foods to Eat to Control Hot Flashes!

For the majority of women, hot flashes are a normal part of life during menopause. However, you do not have to allow them to rule your existence. There are several things that you can do to fight hot flashes,and eating properly is one of them. Eating right also helps with menopause weight gain so it is a win-win situation! Foods that contain the properties of estrogen are called estrogenic. Soy

Do your children bit his or her siblings?

Is it normal for children to bite? Yes! Many kids start biting at a younger age especially when they are teething but once they reach a certain age biting shouldn’t be tolerated. More often parents will allow the biting sega to continue until child reaches a certain age if it’s not under control soon it can cause problems for child when attending school. Many children bite for many reason depending

Crime Statistics in America !

I’ve always been curious about crime in other states. Since my hubby and I travel a lot during the summer it’s good to know what states has the most crime rate. This graphic can give you an idea as to how crime rates have changed over the years. source: Mike RothmanTo add this info-graphic to your site/blog, just copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your

Let me introduce you to CouponChief!

Listen up!! If your looking for ways to save money with on-line shopping then Couponchief is the right  website to visit. They have coupon codes for everything you need fom Electronics, Clothing, Food, Home decor and so much more. They have  thousands of  stores listed like Fashion Bug, Best Buy, Toywiz  and HP. I can go on and on!!  I’m always looking for ways to save money and I’m sure you are too. Lord

Kids love to Splish, Splash ,Dash..swimming tips to keep your kids safe!!

Many children will have the ability to enjoy their pool this summer but sadly each summer we hear a certain percentage of  children drowning or injured during this time of year. Summer is a time for fun and for your children to get out and enjoy the pools and playgrounds, but it is expected that at least 30% of children or more will be injured this year. Be a wise

“10 Reasons Kids Suddenly Become Argumentative”

Advice, Tips, and Resources for Families, Nannies, and Babysitters. 10 Reasons Kids Suddenly Become Argumentative The kids are playing quietly among themselves and suddenly a fight breaks out. Your child unexpectedly starts to argue about something he’s never complained about before. What’s going on? These sudden mood swings are common during childhood and are all a part of growing up, but they can really catch parents off guard. Because it’s

uKnowKids , how safe are your children on the internet?

Looks like everywhere you turn you here parents talk about their children on the internet. Rather it’s for school or them just surfing and chatting with there friends. But do we really know who they are talking too? We know that little Johnny comes over to visit and Mary comes over to do homework but what are they like on the internet. It’s so easy for our children to fall

Have a child in College? Then this is for you...CampusBookRentals!!!!!

                                           Hear ye, hear ye to all College Kids.  There is now a place where you can rent your college textbooks for school called the Campus Book Rentals. I wish they would have had something like this available when I went to Nursing School. My parents paid out so much money alone just for textbooks that were required. One textbook  at that time cost me at least $100 and that

Education is the key!

Wow, seems like yesterday my daughter was in the second grade. Now she’s  in Middle School and I tell you her math skills are Awesome! I give a lot of credit to my daughters 2nd grade math teacher Mrs Brown. I enjoyed seeing my daughter explain how Mrs. Brown uses on-line math games to help them learn their math. It was hard for my oldest back when she was in

Do you have a angry kid?

  Everyday I hear many moms say their children are always angry and everyday day I ask them do they know why. Every child is different and reacts to every situation differently. The first thing we as parents need to do is find the root of the anger. Yes, there’s a root to everything. Children are not born angry when they come into this world.You see them smile, laugh ,

Parents, have you done this?

Looking at this photo above made me think and ask many moms….have you done this? So many children everyday wet there beds as a matter of fact there are over 13 million children who suffer from incontinence. So many moms are dealing with this and really haven’t  found the right solution to helping their children. Do you find it much easier to throw that towel over the peed -on sheets

Dad's Advice

Dad told me about a local internet provider in Ohio that could get me service out at my house which was unusual only because I live way out in the middle of nowhere. I really needed internet because driving the 40 miles into town every time I needed to order dog food for groceries was really becoming a hassle and it was eating up all my gas. The dogs need

Tough Move

As much fun as it is to be settled in my new apartment watching Monday Night Football on direct tv, getting here was no picnic. Last week I thought I was all ready to move. I had everything packed and ready to go. I had forwarded my mail and transferred all my utilities and was geared up to go. Then things started falling apart—first the moving company called to say

The Flu is coming, are you prepared?

Influenza(flu) is here everyone and each year we have a new strain that takes a toll on everyone especially our children and adults. Flu symptoms can be mild or severe — and if they’re mild it can become severe without much notice. Be aware of your body and monitor your body temperature. Flu symptoms can come on suddenly — be sure you know your treatment and prevention options so you