Movie Night with the Power Rangers Turbo, Volume1 #Shout Factory SABAN Brands LLC

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I did receive a sample product for review, however all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. Oh the weekend was so much fun, we had the grandkids all weekend and the only thing we did except  for Saturday evening was watch movies. Our first featured movie was the Power Rangers Turbo, Volume 1 3DVD box set. Available in stores nationwide

Searching for a Retirement Community for my parents has been so stressful!

 Wow, this has been a long week! My friend and I have been searching to find the right retirement community for her parents. Its been long overdue for them since they have become older and are having a bit of a hard time caring for themselves in their  home. I forewarned her that this will be a stressful process for her and her parents. You see I too had to

Tips for Little League Coaches - Starting Sports for Kids When They're Young.

Getting kids involved in sports at a young age helps them develop skills that will lead to successful, healthy lives for years to come. Team sports in particular, such a Little League, teach boys and girls the communications skills and teamwork necessary for a group to succeed. But, being the coach is not always as simple as keeping sliced oranges in the dugout, picking out the best baseball caps and

Volunteering opportunities at Army Cadet Force?

Volunteering opportunities at Army Cadet Force? A recent survey of cadet force adult volunteers gave some interesting results: 99.7% said volunteering had improved their ability to help develop young people 98.8% said it had improved their ability to help others 91.9% said it was important in making them feel part of the community 86.7% said it helped them develop interpersonal skills 86% said it helped them develop organizational skills 84%

Top Ten Cute Party Outfits for Toddlers.

Top Ten Cute Party Outfits for Toddlers When you have little children, it can seem as if your life is taken over by an endless round of parties and get-togethers. Although these can sometimes feel like a chore, try to enjoy these special times, as once your kiddies are grown up things just won’t be the same! With regards to party outfits, Mums are faced with the eternal dilemma. Do

 Crayola's Big Colorful Birthday Adventure!

Crayola provided this information to share with my readers, all opinions expressed in this post is  that of  Crayola! To celebrate their 110th birthday, the 8 original crayons are throwing a birthday bash at the new fun-omenal Crayola Experience, the world’s only interactive Crayola family attraction. Right now, they’re out on a colorful adventure to spread the news, and you’re invited to join the fun! How can you join in

Children to Bed? – The 3 Step Routine that Works

Children to Bed? – The 3 Step Routine that Works   Most parents will meet with some resistance when it’s their children’s bedtime. The mutinous looks, tears, tantrums, and don’t get me started on what the kids are like! The sooner this consistent, calming bedtime routine is imposed, the sooner bad nighttime habits will cease, guiding children into accepting and even looking forward to sleep:   1.) Ready, steady, go

20 Little Angels Gone to SOON!

                                                   20 Angels Gone to SOON!  20 Angels Gone to Soon what am I to do, 20 Angels Gone to Soon my heart will forever ache for you, 20 Angels gone to Soon what will Mom and Dad do, 20 Angels Gone to Soon now in the hands of God, 20 Angels Gone to So on, too soon, too soon, 20 Angels Gone to Soon your smile, laughter, cry will linger on, 20 Angels Gone to

How to Get Your Kids Into the Spirit of Giving.

       Kids the world over are getting excited by the upcoming holidays and what they mean: presents, parties, decorations, yummy treats…But if you want to really get them into the true “spirit of Christmas,” there’s no better way than to use the holidays as a lesson on the importance of giving.             Kids are naturally wrapped up in the “me me me” mentality of Christmas—what to put on their lists,

Happy Holidays from Uplifting Nighties Sleepwear & Apparel review/giveaway

I had the honor of reviewing two wonderful sets from Uplifting Nighties. They were kind enough to send me the Twin Pajama Set in black. Can we say cozy and comfortable! This pajama set was just right for me even though its getting colder I still like to wear loose fitting open pj’s. This cute set has made sleeping much more pleasant. The hot flashes were no worries when I

Happy Holidays from My Friend Huggles Doll, teaching beauty from inside!

                      The life-size character building doll. We teach beauty from the inside out! I have seen many many dolls in my life but the My Firend Huggles is by far the best doll around. Not only are they very cute and adorable, they were built for a purpose that so many young girls of today’s world deal with. They are companion dolls that help build your child’s character. My Friend Huggles

BeginAgain Artist On The Go Holiday review/giveaway!

  I’m thrilled to be able to review/giveaway Artist On The Go by BeginAgain. My daughter is a true artist indeed, she has artist skills that are out of this world. I’m not sure were she gets it from because I’m not a artist at all. I’m a firm believer that every child’s need to have fun and good educational toys. BeginAgain has some awesome earth friendly toys that will

The Juppy Baby Walker Holiday review/giveaway, a walker that fits in your purse!

                                           The Juppy Walker, are you intrigued? When I heard about the The Juppy Baby Walker  I was intrigued to learn more about it, especially since it is a product for children. My kids and grand-kids have always tried to stand on their own when they were young. With my back injury this would always cause pain to my lower lumbar area but I assisted them with holding their little

Texas Triple Scented Candle Holiday review/giveaway!

I have never heard of TripleScented. I had the opportunity to receive two of their wonderful scented candles recently. Called Vanilla Maple Pecan to your left & Cinnamon Apple Berry.  Now when I opened up the box I was amazed with the fragrance seeking through the box. It was strong and vibrant which left me no choice but to light one of the candles up. LOL! I wanted to try