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Perfecting the Art of the Family Christmas Dinner

It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling, the temperature is dropping and it’s almost time for that dreaded (or much-loved!) family Christmas dinner. As exciting as it can be for some people, it’s also a complete pain if you’re not prepared. But don’t fear, because in this article we’ll be giving you some secrets and tips that will help you perfect the art of the family Christmas dinner

Jennifer Adams Lux Sheet Collection, the perfect gift for any bed! #HolidayGuide@JenniferAdams

Well, it’s that time again, Holiday Gift Guide Ideas! The Night Helper Blog is getting ready to share some awesome Holiday Gift Ideas from now until Dec 18th! We will share products in just about every category plus we will list links where you can grab any of these product for your Holiday Gift List. So sit back and enjoy!! Todays gift idea comes from the Jennifer Adams Lux Sheet

What Types of Drapes or Curtains Are Best for Your Home?

Image Credit  The right window treatment makes a room look “put together,” tying all the elements of the decor into a seamless visual treat. But curtains and drapes can also easily overwhelm or distract from the style or mood you’re going for, so you also need to choose your window treatments carefully. It’s more than just the colors, design, and length; you also need to take into consideration the kind

Top 5 Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget.

Image credit Sprucing up your home after a few years can be a good way to improve its general beauty and value. However, this can be quite a challenge for anyone that is working on a budget. Here are top 5 things you can do to update your home without necessarily spending a lot of cash. 1. Painting the entire house One of the things that may make your home

Prepping My Home For The Holidays With AT Home Decorations!

The Holidays are right around the corner as my mom use to say and I don’t know about you but, I’m so ready to give my home a new holiday décor look. So today, my husband and I spent some time at the At Home Store looking for holiday decorations to add to my bedroom table. I must confess I decorate the entire house but I’ve never thought to decorate

Update Your Home Décor With Furniture From Urban Ladder. @UrbanLadder

Since moving into our new home my husband and I have been searching around trying to find new furniture to update every room. We want a fresh new start in all rooms so I’m looking to update with new light fixtures, sofas,  tables, kitchen appliances, rugs, dinning tables and so much more. Well, today I think I’ve found the perfect furniture company to address my home décor needs, it’s called

3 Things That Make Your House a Home.

Image Credit When you put the down payment on a house or the security deposit on an apartment, you’re purchasing a place to live. It will be up to you to create a space that you feel like you can call home. What makes a house a home? The answer might prove different for everyone. To some, it could be the people who live in it and the times you

Want to Update the Look of Your Home’s Interior? Fully Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional to Help with the Decorating Before Making a Final Decision

Image Credit There are times when you may get bored with the look of your home. You may feel that the look needs to be updated so that it better reflects your personality. When you want to redecorate your home, you can hire someone to help you with the decorating or take matters into your own hands. There are pros and cons to both options so it is best to

Simple Secrets To A More Worldly Home.

Image source One of the most alluring, exciting, breathtaking and mesmeric trends to grab our attention recently is worldly décor. A lot of trends want to embrace this idea of sophistication, but most of them miss the mark. They end up being cold, minimalistic, and snobbish or lost in luxury. But not homes that embrace this idea of being more worldly; these homes hit sophistication in a way that no

Love At First Smell, Organic Aromas Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection! @OrganicAromas

We all have 5 senses and they work together to give us an overall feeling. This is a fact. Today I will focus on the sense of smell and how it can change your perception which in turn can make a world of difference about a person, place or thing. Let’s say we walk into a restaurant and it has a foul odor…what are the chances of you staying and

Organic Aromas Raindrop - Nebulizing Diffuser, every home needs one!

I’ll admit I have come across many nebulizing essential oil diffuser before but nothing like the ones from the Organic Aromas Company. Now we all know that nebulizing essential oil diffusers have been around for years, but what many people may not know is how Organic Aromas’ Nebulizing Diffuser offers its users the latest technology by diffusing essential oils into the air without the use of any water or heat, yes you

Tips for Setting Up a Home Theater on a Budget.

Image Credit Who says you can’t have a cool theater in your own home? It’s not just for billionaires and celebrities. As long you can spare the space, you can, too, enjoy watching movies on a big screen in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for it either, unless you want to. It is possible to set up a home theater system

Don't Decorate Your Home In 50 Shades Of Grey.

Image Via Pexels You should always think about how to upgrade and modernize your home. This isn’t just about your own personal enjoyment, although looking at the latest tech on the market, it’s definitely an advantage. Just look at the latest home systems on the market. A smart home control allows you to control your property in a variety of ways. For instance, with the latest systems, you can set

Using Lighting to Your Advantage.

By Alek M. It’s interesting to observe how much of our emotional and psychological makeup is determined by external forces that may seem unimportant at first. Sure, a lot of how a person is feeling on a particular day is dependent on events that are going on in their life, whether it be they just got out of a long relationship or that they are going to get married the

Backyard essentials that you should definitely consider getting.

Backyard is the most fun part of your home. Unlike some rooms within your house, which have to be remodeled for particular needs, backyard is a clean slate upon which you can create almost anything. Whether you need an outhouse or a pool, it gives you enough space to proceed with it. Basically, backyard is an additional part of a property that can be used to improve your general living

Factors to consider when buying modern furniture.

 Image Credit In earlier times we used to set up a seating area that was vintage in style but gradually the preferences are shifting towards modern furniture. Upcoming furniture designers have got imaginative approaches evolving landscape of the industry. When it comes to customers, each one of them has its own preferences. Each one would have a different perspective on determining whether the product is worth the investment. But there

Change the look of your room: Curtains by Eclipse

One doesn’t have to spend a fortune to change of the look of a room. There are a couple of quick and easy things that can be done to make a room look like new…A little paint can go a long way to switch things up…but Curtains by Eclipse are the easiest way to update almost any space. Beautiful curtains have helped to not only make decor changes, but they

A Bed Fit For A King...Or Queen.

Image Source  We all know the benefits of a good night sleep. Facts aside, tiredness is an experience that speaks for itself. We perform worse in every way when we don’t get the rest we need. Our brain function slows, and we’re more susceptible to illness. If you’re not convinced, a little research could take you a long way in understanding why sleep is important. But, knowing the facts doesn’t