8 Lies People in Debt Tell Themselves

Image Credit There is a lot of information on the internet and media on the importance of clearing debts. You would therefore expect more people to be working towards being debt free. In reality, the opposite is happening. People are not only borrowing more but also getting stuck in debt. This is not because it has become harder to repay debt. It is because people in debt have told themselves

Tips To Keep Yourself Financially Protected From The Unexpected

Image Credit A financial emergency can crop up at any time. You might suddenly lose your job, get robbed, have an accident, or suddenly need a root canal. All these situations can put a heavy strain on your bank account and even put you in serious trouble. That’s why its pay to be prepared for the worst. Make Sure You Have Quality Dental Coverage Most people are aware of the

Finding a Car Loan with Bad Credit

Living with bad credit can be tough. When you have good credit, you can generally expect to qualify for loans, credit cards and other forms of credit. With bad credit, fewer lenders will be willing to take a chance on you. This can make it hard to get a line of credit. Thankfully, there are some lenders out there who offer loans specifically for people with bad credit. This means

How to Get a Good Car Loan

Image Credit  Do you need a new car, but your credit is a little shaky? While there are many lending options to consider before going car shopping, there are many things you can do to make it easier to get a car loan. Consider these five tips for getting good terms on a loan for your next vehicle. Plan Your Purchase After buying a house, a car is one of

5 Ways to Change Your Spending Habits and Save More.

An ongoing pursuit of saving more money shares a lot of similarities with the never-ending pursuit of losing weight. The goal is always there. The intention is always genuine. But bad habits are hard to break, and temptation is strong. If you’re ready to get into fit financial shape and only gain in your savings account, then here are five solutions to help you spend more consciously. Evaluate Needs vs.

Doing More To Look After Your Money.

Picture Source We’re all prone to bad financial habits from time to time. Maybe you spent all of your pocket money on candy in one go when you were a child. Maybe you spent all of your adult earnings for the week in one go on some fancy watch you wanted. It doesn’t matter how old you are; financial wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Of course, it’s something that

Winter is Coming: How to Save Money on Heating Bills.

Image credit Winter is coming. We’re not talking about Game of Thrones here. We’ll have to wait quite  awhile for that winter to come. We’re talking about the actual season that’s afoot. There are many great things about the colder part of the year. From Halloween to Christmas, most people delight in the autumn and winter holidays. However, it can be difficult to keep our homes warm – or, at

Is It Time To Consolidate Your Loans?

Image Credit If you’ve got debts, you may have considered loan consolidation—taking out a single personal loan to pay down your other debts—as a solution. By combining different debts into one and concentrating on a single monthly payment with a single interest rate, many people find it easier to handle their responsibilities. Much like trying to consolidate a student loan, there are a whole hosts of pros and cons that

Smart Clues for Couples and Their Finances until Death Do Them Part

Image Credit Finances are one of the least romantic things you can talk about with your partner. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that every single couple needs to deal with. When you enter into a serious relationship with someone, your financial situations enter into a relationship as well. This can make things complicated, especially if things don’t end up working out in the end. That’s why it is so important to

Prudential Researches The Financial Challenges Women Face! #OwnMyFuture

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Prudential. Financial security should be one of the most important things that we care about.. As a woman, financial security means so much more to me.  Financial security means a future for my kids,  safety for my family,  comfortable living when it’s time to retire and spend time with my family. After reading up on Prudential’s mission to educate women on  financial security

Wonderful Ways To Spend A Windfall.

Have you won some money or inherited a windfall unexpectedly? If so, you may be thinking about what to do with your cash. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some suggestions that may help you to spend your money wisely. Image Credit Investing If you have money, investing is an option, which could allow you to increase the value of your estate and

Money Sinks: The Biggest Financial Drains In Life.

Money is a source of stress for just about everyone. It’s one of those facts of life that we all have just come to accept for the most part that money is always going to be something to worry about. But for the most part, it’s usually a pretty good balance between money going out and money coming in. The problem is that sometimes you get those money sinks. You

Should I Save Money or Pay Off My Debt?

Debt is one of the biggest problems facing America today, with millions of American citizens finding themselves trapped within a pit of debt. According to a study published by NerdWallet, the average U.S. household that is currently in debt carries almost $16,000 in credit card debt alone, with an average of $130,922 in total debt. That’s a hefty amount of debt to live under, and it’s essential to begin the

How To Overcome Financial Issues Pertaining To Alcohol Addiction.

Alcohol addiction can have adverse financial effects on young adults, their immediate environment and their lifestyle as a whole. The cost of alcohol-related job and class-absenteeism is even greater if lost workplace productivity is considered. If young adults consume more alcohol than the metabolic capacity of their body, they may be intoxicated the following day, which can affect their performance at work and result in a salary cut/low payday. The