Printed Circuit Board Basics | Design & Components

 Image Credit The statement is, undoubtedly, true that PCBs or the printed circuit boards are the backbones of the entire electronics industry and a major component of the technological revolution. Almost, every electronic device that we use; employ PCBs. However, a majority of us lack the basic knowledge about the technology behind PCBs. Following guide explains the fundamentals of PCBs design and production so as to have a simple basic

4 of the Most Common Accidents Oil Refinery Workers are Involved In

Image credit Nearly 10,000 accidents occur in oil refineries all around America each year. While oil refineries are necessary when it comes to producing gas and other petroleum products, employees who work for these businesses are in constant danger. Many of the oil refineries in this country have very strict safety policies, but this doesn’t always prevent accidents from happening. In the recent Husky Energy refinery explosion in Wisconsin, around

Early retirement: The considerations laid bare

Image credit It’s one of those periods of life which we all think won’t happen to us. The problem is; it eventually happens to everyone. The R-word is at first feared, but over time people count down the days until they can hang up their work clothes and start proper retirement. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to take early retirement, particularly with countries all around the world actually increasing the

Stranger Than Fiction: Top Movie Inventions That Came True

Image:  It can be fascinating sometimes, to finish up watching a movie with some incredible sci-fi inventions and think to yourself just how much life would change if those remarkable inventions were actually true. It’s certainly not an uncommon thought, as even in the eighties (and much earlier), people were leaving the theatres wondering what would happen if the crazy inventions they saw in that film actually came true. In

Types of Vertigo and Can You Treat It?

Image Source: Flickr Many of us are confronted with feelings of dizziness during certain times of our life. One of the most confusing ones to experience certainly has to be vertigo. When you suffer from vertigo, you are under the impression that your surroundings are moving or spinning, which is an illusion of movement. Although it is generally non-threatening, dealing with this type of lightheadedness can become unpleasant after a

7 Vital Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy Before Your Wedding

 Image Credit What could be more cheerful that hearing these four words from your beloved one? Of course, we are talking about a “Will you marry me?” phrase. Bursting into tears after your now-fiancé has popped up the question is a memorable moment in a life of every girl. However, when it’s time to prepare for the future ceremony, 99% of women face a struggle of becoming fit enough to

Working With MPP, PSF, And MDI File Extensions

Image credit Working With MPP, PSF, And MDI File Extensions Some file extensions might be a bit confusing for average users. If you have received a very important file in MPP extension and you do not know how to open it, you should keep on reading this article which will explain you about MPP file extension and how to deal with such files.   How should you deal with MPP

Hybrid Bikes 101: Beginner's Guide to Hybrid Biking

Biking is the new cool and as a result, everyone is looking for an opportunity to hop on their bike saddle and get on the road. Because many people love to ride on urban and suburban roads but will occasionally want to get on the unbeaten path, the search is on for a bike that can handle the two requirements. Instead of buying a city bike and a rough trail

House Cleaning Tips

Image Credit Do you need some house cleaning tips to make your home look better and more livable? Well, you’re in the right place! Source: Cleaning your house can be a dull and tiring job, but by doing it right, your job can be less stressful. Cleaning should not be a difficult task. Instead, it should be turned into a habit or a fun chore. This article is full of

Helping Homeowners Prevent Winter Plumbing Problems

 Image credit Seasons change, the temperatures drop down and you encounter plumbing problems. Everybody can relate to this issue. We are resolving the most common issues relating to plumbing during the winter time. In some instances, you might feel like you can manage on your own, but some more serious issues will require a professional plumbing service. Grease in Your Drain Pipes The winter time requires heavier types of food

How to plan long road trip with your baby - Top 7 tips

 Image Credit Traveling with the family is one of the best experience you could ever live but. What if you have a baby? Traveling with the small ones could be a challenge but only if you don’t know how to make it right! Today we want to share with you the top 7 tips to road trip with baby stress-free! Let’s begin! 1.      Choose the perfect travel destination (involving the

Must Have Technologies for Web Hosting Providers

 Image Credit A good web host ought to support all web technologies that you need for your website; otherwise, you might lose customers due to lack of important features. Although there are many web hosts, you might not find the technologies you need in most of them. That is why you have to shop around and take time to scrutinize the kind of technologies offered by leading companies. If you

5 jobs that are set to boom in the next decade

Image Credit If you listen to some of the prophets of doom out there, then job prospects for the human race are bleak. Before long, machines will do everything that we are currently paid and trained to do, reducing the number of jobs out there and leaving us all with increasing difficulty when it comes to finding employment. While it is undeniable that driverless cars are going to reduce the

Win A Pair of Vivitar Light Up Headphones

One WINNER will win: Vivitar Light Up Headphone Hosted by: Night Helper Open to: USA only 18yrs. + Start date: 5/14~5/22 12am The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: We reserve the right to make revisions, to cancel, or suspend this contest for any reason. We are not associated with any of the companies named above. The odds of

Pros and Cons of Natural Supplements

Image Credit There has long been a debate about the efficacy of nutritional supplements. Those who are against them believe that diet alone is the most effective way to obtain the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Advocates of nutritional supplements believe that diet may not be the enough to get the necessary nutrients the body needs and supplements makes up for what our diets lack. Which side of

Is That A Bird?! A Plan?! NO, It's A UFO Turntable.  #HappyMothersDay  #Rock 'N' Rolla UFO Turntable

Look out everyone theirs a new musical sheriff in town called the Rock ‘N’ Rolla UFO Turntable.   You don’t have to look any further for that special gift for mom because the moment she lay her eyes upon this retro Rock ‘N’ Rolla UFO Turntable. She’s going to jump for joy! If mom love to rock out to her favorite tunes, I think she may love the new Rock “N”

Bedgear Performance Ver-Tex Technology Sheet Set, now you can sleep like a baby!   @BEDGEAR  #MothersDay

Mom’s everywhere will be enjoying Mother’s Day! I’m sure they will have a long day from the moment they awake until they go to bed later that night. At least for me, I know my day is already planned and I know I’m going to be so tired. My kids have me doing something all day. So, when I saw that Bedgear had sent me one of their signature sheet

AXE GOLD, coming to a home near you!!

If your man has never tried AXE products, may I ask what is he waiting on? You see, AXE is one of my husband’s favorite brands they help him find the magic in products he needs in many areas like Body Wash, Hair Products, Deodorant & Antiperspirant, Fragrance Sprays and many other grooming products. They will actually provide your man with everything he needs to express himself no matter what day of

Upgrade Your Kitchen With GE Premium Finish Appliances @BestBuy #AD @GE_Appliances

Get ready to take your kitchen to a whole new level with the GE Premium Finish Appliances. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking at some sort of home décor show where they show you how to upgrade your home. They take you through the entire house showing you how to turn your home into you own private castle with lots of  décor recommendations for the entire

The home automation technology you should probably have by now

Image Credit Whether you’re an early or late adapter, it seems we’re all starting to arrive at the same party when it comes to home automation technology. With nearly 20% of ‘Smart Homes’ already in existence in 2018, and that number expected to hit 37.6% by 2022, it’s clear that this is definitely not “just a phase”. Now, if we think of a “smart home” as the party and the