Remaining Happy in Your Home

Image Credit You spent a lot of time picking out your home. You found a premium location in a low crime area and everything you need like schools, shopping and parks are located nearby. But, sometimes, despite all these advantages the newness wears off and suddenly you no longer have the same feelings. In this instance, if you are not happy in your home, you have just two choices, you

Barbie & Crayola Partnership let the fun begin!   @Crayola  @Barbie

Yessss, it’s true both companies Barbie & Crayola have joined together to bring excitement to a new fashion activity line that incorporates Crayola’s ultra-clean technologies to create crafting play with color-in fashions, tie-dye designs, stamps, and confetti. When the Crayola box arrived, I was really impressed with the packaging design label that had both Barbie & Crayola name listed on top. Once we opened the box, we saw a pile

Look the new Google PixelBook is now Available at Best Buy!  @Google, #pixelbook, @BestBuy,  #ad

Well, if you’re seeking to up your game on a new Chromebook, now is the time to meet the Pixelbook — the new high performance Chromebook — and Pixelbook Pen1  — the smart, responsive stylus — designed to enhance the way you work and play.   It’s the first laptop with the Google Assistant built in2, so you’ll be able to get more done faster and smarter. From its ultra-thin design

You Will Know When It is Finally Time to Leave and Start a New Life

 You might have gone back and forth in your decision to leave and move to a new place. Just when you think you have already made up your mind, you realize some thing and you change plans again. It is understandable to be fickle-minded when it comes to a major decision like this. Moving to a new place means starting your life from scratch. You might have to start a

What is a Large Stroke?

 Image Credit A serious health complication, a stroke is caused by the disruption of the blood flow to the brain. The magnitude of the stroke depends on the area of the brain which is affected by the stroke. There are various categories in which a stroke is divided as per its severity. Large stroke or large vessel stroke is one of them. A type of ischemic stroke, large vessel stroke

2018 Baby Gift Guide, todays feature Kushies GoPillow!    @kushiesbaby

Welcome to our 2018 Baby Gift Guide. For the next few weeks we will be showcasing some awesome “Baby Must Have” gift ideas for your little one. You will see a range of products in all categories along with links for you to lean more or purchase any of these items. Every now and then it may be a bit uncomfortable when feeding baby in the cradle position. Your arm

Let The Music Move You With Magnolia March Audio Fest! @magnoliaav and @BestBuy #ad

Yes, I’m ready, are you? I’m ready to get my grove on with Magnolia March Audio Fest! You see, if you walked into my home today you would surely hear music playing. In every area of my home you will see speakers and many smart home gadgets that we use to entertain our guest or to just enjoy a few jazz tunes. Our genre of music ranges from gospel, rock,

So You Want To Learn How To Ride A Horse?

For many years as a child, my parents use to take the entire family to my dad’s friend Billy Clark horse ranch. The moment we all arrived Mr. Billy would have all of his beautiful horses lined up for each one of us to select from. Now keep in mind that we all were beginners and even though it looked like a lot of fun, the entire family was scared.

Where To Turn As A Parent Of A Child With Developmental Disabilities

Image Credit The struggle is real, but so is the love, dedication, and commitment to finding the best resources for your child with developmental disabilities. The first thing that you’ll want to remember is that you are not alone in this and that there are plenty of resources out there for you to take advantage of. Sure, there might not be a cure, but there are things that you can

Some Brilliant Tips You Should Keep in Mind for the Best Asian Wedding Ever

If you are in the UK and are planning an Asian wedding, it can definitely be a challenge. If you want to stick to some traditions, such as having Asian food served at the reception or having a priest perform the wedding ceremony, it can be quite overwhelming to fix all the details without too much of a hassle. But there are some tips which you can keep in mind

Different Types of Bathtubs for Different Needs

 Going home after a full day at work or school can leave you with muscle tension, stress and anxiety. Soaking in a warm bath at the end of the day with good music is a sure-fire way of relaxing and getting rid of any tension in your body. If you don’t have a bathtub in your house yet and are planning to get one installed soon, you should know that

Gourmet Gift Baskets this Easter  #Giveaway

We are proud to partner with Gourmet Gift Baskets this Easter.  One of our lucky readers will win this Easter Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets.  Basket is filled with a plush bunny and all your favorite Easter toys and candy! Please enter the Rafllecopter below.  All entries will be verified, Disclosure: We reserve the right to make revisions, to cancel, or suspend this contest for any reason. We are not

How to Cope After Losing a Child

Image Credit Let’s start off this article by saying this is not a quick fix guide. There’s no easy way to get past the emotions after losing a child. Whether you lost a grown up child or had a miscarriage, the pain is unbearable. But people do get through it. Perhaps I should say they wrestle through it because it’s never an easy road. But individuals find ways to gather

Star Wars LEGO Freemaker Adventures Season 2 / Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter baskets #Giveaway

It’s almost Spring time which means Easter is not to far away! This also means it’s almost time for us to gather everything we need to create that awesome Easter basket for the kids! Well, what if I told you Star Wars has put together an awesome Easter basket that will help kids celebrate their new release Star Wars Lego Freemaker Adventures Season 2DVD  .  Synopsis: “The second season of “LEGO Star

Things to remove from your junk car before you are planning to sell them

Thinking on the lines of turning your junk car into cash? Instead of adopting such a strategy there is an option to earn a decent amount of money from the clunker. It has to be stated that recycle companies are more interested in the metal components of the vehicle.  But there are other parts that you would be more interested at a separate level.  When you are ready to find

Why you should use a mortgage broker?

Image Credit Getting help from a mortgage broker is one of the most common practices in many places while purchasing a home. According to some surveys, most home-buyers do not have an idea what the broker’s job is and how their services can be beneficial. If you are unaware of the advantages of mortgage broker, then this is the right article for you. You can even visit https://www.propillo.com/ to get

4 Compelling Reasons to Tell Your Criminal Lawyer Everything

Image Credit Charges of criminal activity is never something to take lightly. In order to defend yourself in a court of law, you need the services of a criminal lawyer. One of the most important things you can do is tell your lawyer everything, no matter how embarrassing or awkward. If you are still hesitating, consider these four reasons to be completely straightforward with your legal counsel. Your Lawyer Has

Tips and Tricks for Visiting Africa

Finally, you have made up your mind and booked tickets to your favorite African destination, and you can wait to land and start your trip. You are pumped about the great experience that awaits, you can’t wait to interact with the locals, eat their foods and even date a few of their girls. But hold on for a moment! Do you know what it takes to have a successful trip

Banish Rainy Day Boredom With These Fun Indoor Activities

Image Credit With spring around the corner the days are getting lighter and the sun has started to break through after a long, cold few months. This means when your little ones are on school breaks or at evenings and weekends, there’s so much more to do. From bike rides and hikes to games in the garden, trips to farms, zoos and theme parks and so much more. It’s wonderful

How to Get Rid of Bees

Image Credit We all understand the vital role that bees play in our ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean that you want them nesting near your home. Being attacked by feral bees can be unpleasant, and for some, potentially dangerous. In Miami and other South Florida communities, it’s not uncommon for bees to build hives in the cracks in your exterior walls or under the eaves of your home. As a