6 Steps to Improve Your CTR in Your Email Campaigns

First of all, let’s start by saying the fact that CTRs (Click-Through-Rates) in emails are unfortunately decreasing! Why do they keep decreasing? This is happening because of increase in the number of advertising emails, promotional emails and other emails which are not necessary to the recipient. Moreover, an email has a promo or social tab which gathers all these “spam” emails. These all lead to the recipient not checking the

You Get A Deal, He Gets A Deal, She Gets A Deal, WOW! What A Deal

Night Helper Blog has stepped out of their comfort zone and created a Amazon Deals, Savings, Lightening Deals, and Coupon page where we will share all the hottest amazon deals. As many of you know Amazon is one of the leading online shopping platforms that everyone shops on. It’s an  website that has just about everything you could possibly imagine! Products like for your home, car, outdoors, tools, toys, games,

Getting your Online Retail Right with Price Optimization Strategies

Online retail businesses are becoming a rage among everyone. But to be able to run such a business and maintain its profit scales is a huge challenge. This is because in the world of online retail, the competition is always cut throat and it only seems to be increasing with time. Pricing products right is the major key to attract profits as well as reach out to a vast customer

The Benefits of Different Marketing Strategies

Image Credit Entrepreneurs today are lucky to have many different real-world marketing techniques available to them. In some ways, retailing in the past was more difficult. Retailers only had so many options for marketing. It’s always a good idea to choose multiple marketing techniques. When people are able to do this, they can enjoy all of the advantages associated with these strategies. Internet Marketing Obviously, most people focus on online

Why Starting a Small Business is Easier than Ever

Image Credit When it comes to small business, most people think about all of the various complications and costs involved. If you are starting a brick-and-mortar business, then you’re going to need a location, insurance, inventory and a whole lot more. But starting a small business these days is a lot easier than it used to be. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may be

Setting Up an E-store: 5 Things You Need to Know

Image Credit Having a great product or service for consumers is all fine and good, but in a global marketplace, you’ve got to market it, sell it, and promote it to customers. You may have a fabulous brick-and-mortar shop, but there is likely a greater audience that wants or needs your product or service.  Much like creating an eye-catching window display, your website can attract quality buyers and increase sales

The Most Common Business Website Mistakes

Image Credit Anyone who runs a modern business will know just how important it is to get the website right. This is the modern equivalent of the shop window, except able to convey a huge amount more information and provide countless services. However, there are good and bad business websites. If yours falls into the latter category, your business is likely to suffer as people do not have the patience

5 Professional Tips for Making Your Banners & Posters Stand Out

Going to an expo soon? You’re bound to see a myriad of banners and posters. And do you know what? most of them won’t necessarily grab your attention.  If you’ve ever manned a stall at an expo or an event, you know how hard it is to setup your stall to attract as many people as possible. Grabbing people’s attention amidst so much visual noise isn’t easy. So what’s the

Why Brands Should Protect Logo and Content.

When you’ve spent hours and hours trying to think of the perfect logo, it can be both overwhelming and stressful yet somewhat exciting. You’ve worked closely with a team of designers for several weeks and you’ve nailed the final product. It looks great, and now you’ve basically ready to show the world what you’re made of. However, if you haven’t thought about protecting, or trademarking this logo, you could run

Developing Your eCommerce Elevator Pitch.

Image Credit If you’ve already figured out how to describe what your company does in 30 seconds or less, feel free to skip this article—unless people just nod and change the subject when you tell them about it. If this is happening to you, it’s time to work on developing your elevator pitch. Here’s what you need to know to get them to ask you to tell them more. Any

Thinking Of Running A Hospitality Business? Remember The Basics.

Image Starting up a new business is an exciting time for anyone. Even if you have done so a hundred times before, it is likely that it still gets you excited. One area of business which is likely to do well at the moment is that of hospitality. As an industry, there have been few better times in history than right now. One of the main benefits of a business

Could Starting An Online Business Be The Perfect Next Step?

Your kids are quickly growing up, soon enough they’ll be starting school. Then what will you fill your time with? You could go back to your old job – or a similar one. But could you work it around school drop-offs and everything else that comes with being a mom? Instead of planning on heading back to a full-time job, why not launch an online business? You know those momtrepreneurs

Products That Make Payroll Easy!

Modern businesses are making vigorous efforts to lift the burden from the payroll department. Decreasing the department’s responsibilities can save the company money and provide a calm work environment. The following products can help increase payroll department efficiency and save the company money in the end: Debit Cards for Employees Prepaid payroll debit cards increase convenience for everyone involved. The payroll department does not have to process paper checks. Employees

Pinterest Strategies for Business Owners.

For many people, Pinterest is a way to unwind after a long day. For businesses, though, it’s a leading marketing tool, especially if you’ve already invested in e commerce web design. Every photo, or pin, can include a link back to your web page. If the image inspires people to click on it, you can seriously increase your web traffic, which often results in more sales. Follow these tips for

Take Your Ecommerce Business to the Next Level.

  When your ecommerce business starts to take off, you may feel overjoyed, but there are challenges ahead. More business may mean you need a bigger space, more equipment, more employees and have a backlog of tasks. As your customer base grows, you’ll receive more phone calls, emails and online chats that cannot be ignored. There are ecommerce solutions to help your business reach all of your potential customers. Call

Bing Career Predictions of 2015!

    Bing predicts stay-at-home jobs as the top career trend of 2015. With the new millennial workforce, we are seeing entrepreneurship on the rise along with more people using technology to work from anywhere they feel most productive. Stay-at-home jobs, particularly within the healthcare field, will be the most sought-after in the year ahead. Specific growth will be within medical transcriptions, nursing, telemarketing, and data entry. Other office-based healthcare

 How I Managed to Finally Get on the Property Ladder.

Flickr credit After 6 six years of running this blog, I’d been thinking about getting on the property ladder for a long time, but I could never see how it was possible without winning the lottery. Property prices are so incredibly high these days that I thought the only way of buying my own would be to find a budget home and pool all my families money together. Obviously, that

Top Three Things To Consider When Putting A Trade Show Together!

  As a business owner preparing for a trade show can be very stressful and very scary especially if you are a new company. I can remember when my husband and I did our first trade show for our business back in the day. When that day arrived I had so many butterflies in my stomach. I was worried that my tradeshow booth was not displayed correctly! But we had

5 Degrees You're Better Off Earning Online.

  Some of the most successful people in the world believe that the one thing that you should invest on is yourself. The more knowledge and skills you have, the higher your “market value” becomes. You will land in the best jobs in the biggest companies in the world and you will have a brighter career ahead of you. If you are currently thinking about going back to school to

Why Psychologists Are Gaining Relevance In The Business Community.

An understanding of human behavior may be useful in several aspects and across a spectrum of social environments. When it comes to education, an applied psychology degree is often more hands-on in terms of approach and deals with critical thinking, interaction skills as well as communication abilities. The course is flexible in the sense that its principles may be applied for the betterment of health, the management of a business,