Top Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost

A missing dog can be a heart-wrenching experience for both the pet and the owner. No one ever wants to be separated from their dog. While some “dog gone missing” stories have a happy ending, others don’t, with the lost dog ending up in a pound or shelter. Also, lost dogs are at risk of getting hit by a car or being pounced upon by wildlife. Though it’s impossible to

When is the Right Time to Get Pet Insurance

Should You Get Insurance for Your Pet? In the life of any pet owner, one of the most important concerns is always the health of their beloved animal. How do you provide top quality care for the pet with limited financial resources? For many, we simply hold out hope that our pets will not succumb to illness and avoid trips to the veterinarian. The average price of a visit to

5 Ways to Make Your New Puppy Feel Welcome in Your Home

Bringing home a new puppy is a big undertaking. You have to ensure you are ready to make the puppy feel at home when it comes to live with you. There are several things you can do to make this happen. These five ideas should give you a good start. 1. Give the Puppy a Dedicated Space Your puppy needs its own dedicated space. For most puppies, a size-appropriate crate

6 Gift Ideas for the Animal Lover in Your Life.

Choosing gifts usually involve taking a look at someone’s interests. If they love video games, then you usually get them something related to their favorite games. If they enjoy comics, then purchase a gift based on their favorite franchise. If they love to cook, then perhaps a cookbook or a set of new cooking gear will put a smile on their face. When it comes to animals, however, it can

A family guide to keeping animals.

Image Credit  Keeping animals can be an excellent learning experience for the whole family. Taking care of animals is something that family members can do together to create memories and build bonds. Caring for animals requires dedication to responsibilities, which teaches young family members the skills that they need for life. Being around animals also provides several benefits to the owners. Here is a look at some ideas on keeping

Great ways to potty train your puppy.

Image Credit                 Although puppy potty training may seem as a rather straightforward procedure, it is actually not so. Like any other training, potty training is something that will affect dog’s behavior changing it forever. If you do not do it properly you will have many issues not only with potting but other processes as well. As something that starts at early age, puppy potty training builds a bond between

Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box , give your cat the privacy he or she deserves!

I’ve been trying for years to find an effective way to keep my cat’s litter box tame. The pungent odor that came with her waste was unbearable and embarrassing. The multiple tips and tricks that we used only work for a few days, and then the same stench would return. We continued to switch littler and clean her sandbox in attempts to combat this scent. For a while this worked,

Litter-Robot III Open Air, Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box! Great Holiday Gift For Your Cat/Cats!

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The Best Care for an Aging Dog.

  As with humans, when dogs get older their health begins to decline and they usually need special care requirements. Unfortunately, dogs age much quicker than humans do, and their life span can range from 7 to 14 years. Generally speaking, large breeds have shorter life spans than smaller breeds do. Some of the symptoms of aging in dogs are similar to those in humans. Because dogs cannot communicate with