2015 Baby Shower Guide!! #AirOasisMobileSanifizer

2015 Baby Shower Guide!! #AirOasisMobileSanifizer


Welcome to our Baby Shower 2015 Guide!!

Today we will be showcasing great baby products that every mom and baby should have!!

Let’s start with the Air Angel Purifier & Sanitizer



 Do your baby/children suffer from allergy problem?  Do you experience nasty odors or mold, well don’t worry the Air Angel is here to save the day.

Now you and baby can experience clean, fresh, air in your home, car, office, hotel and many other places.

Air Angel is an awesome , smart ,  mobile, well designed purifier that sanitize surfaces and air 24/7. The Air Angel Purifier & Sanitizer is a small air purifier that cleans the air in areas up to 175 square feet.

It’s an effective way to help you breath in clean air, its so small you can even place it on your desk, dresser or in your bathroom. Now, don’t let the small size fool ya!  The Air Angel Purifier & Sanitizer® comes with a 12 VDC car adapter which makes it easy to travel along with you! Actually there is no place you can’t travel with when it comes to the Air Angel Purifier & Sanitizer.

You can transform any room into a clean, germs free, fresh air environment. The system is great for reducing odors, destroying germs up to 99% and eliminating air allergens up to 99%

I think the Air Angel Purifier & Sanitizer® will be great for your babies room, having fresh ,clean, air will allow baby to get a good night’s sleep. No child needs to be breathing in all those nasty, harmful smells. I know it will be great in many homes where there is a smoker present also!

I have to tip my hat off to the creators of this unit,  it’s a perfect unit for everyone who wants to improve their indoor air quality at home or while on the go, With a range of 250 square feet, this sanitizer will bring clean air to everyone around.

The Air Angel offers so much: 

  • Sanitizes air and surfaces up to 250 sq. ft., removing up to 99% of all germs, aeroallergens, molds, and odors.
  • Nano AHPCO technology, germicidal UV light, Energy Efficient,
  • Low maintenance; virtually maintenance-free for 1 year
  • Whisper quiet operation; no distracting noises
  • Made in the USA
  • Has 3 adjustable settings Low, Medium, and Hi
  • No Filter to maintain
  • 0000005_air-oasis-mobile-sanifier-175_300

Unit comes with mounting brackets, car & wall adapter and carrying case for ease travel when needed!


Its the best unit I’ve ever seen and I know it will make an awesome gift for both mom and baby and don’t worry, it is very quite!

No more funky smell, stale odors or air allergy problems. Just break out the Air Angel and let it work for you.



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