Touring Naples With One Eye Open.

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Naples is the third-largest cities in Italy and one of the oldest, most artistic and most appetizing. Naples’ centro storico (historic centre) is a Unesco World Heritage Site, its archaeological treasures are among the world’s most important. So, if you’re planning a trip to Italy, don’t forget to add a couple of days in this magnificent town.

What to see

The massive number of piazzas, churches and museums in Naples, as well as the attractions like nearby Mount Vesuvius and the Blue Grotto give visitors of Naples a huge list of places to visit and things to do. Taking everything in, without an extended stay, is difficult, if not impossible.

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A trip to Naples is not complete without a visit to the Caserta Royal Palace. Completed in the 1700s for Charles III, the palace has extensive carvings and sculpture designed to make it as much a work of art as any of the pieces housed within.

Day trips outside of Naples are necessary to see Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. The ruins of Pompeii and the dormant volcano towering over it are an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home to continuing archeological digs.

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The Isle of Capri is another day trip from Naples that you shouldn’t miss. Capri is truly picturesque and home to the Blue Grotto. Although difficult to judge when it will be open to the public, seeing the Blue Grotto is an experience never forgotten.

Staying safe

When it comes to traveling to Naples, there are several things you can do to keep you and your traveling companions safe. Common sense is your most important ally. If something doesn’t look safe or sounds sketchy, avoid it.

  • Plan your trip ahead of time. Although there should be room in your itinerary for side trips, discoveries and exploring attractions that deserve it, you should have a plan for your trip and stick to it. It makes it easier to know where you are supposed to be.
  • Use tour groups. While visiting attractions, within the city and close by, stay with a tour group and visit during the daylight hours. As a rule, you are safer in a group than on your own.
  • Avoid dodgy parts of Naples. Not all your time will be taken up with tours and attractions. When you want to go off on your own for a little exploration, knowing the parts of the city to avoid is as important as knowing the phone number of your consulate. Don’t put yourself in a potential dire situation.
  • Have a buddy. Alone time is great, and that is what your hotel is for. When exploring or touring the city, even if it just to go have a drink, stick with a buddy.
  • Use public transportation. Buses, taxis and trains are safer for travel than on foot. Majority of tourists stick to taxis from Naples airport transfers to hotels and back to everyday planned trips.

Whether you are visiting Naples for weeks to explore the ancient city inside and out or for just a couple of days, knowing where you are – and being aware of your environment and the people in it – will do more for keeping you safe than any superficial list.

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