Top Makeup 6 Trends for Autumn 2016.

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Summer is officially ending and everyone is refreshing their closets and updating their color palettes for the coming autumn. The makeup trends for this fall, like the seasons before it, highlight the beauty of having perfect skin. This time, however, the most stylish way of doing it is by using a bit of contouring and splashes of strong colors. Say goodbye to summer’s soft and cheery hues because the next few months will feature a lot of dark lipsticks and liners, glittery highlights, and graphic lines.

The Reign of Black Eyeliners

You may have already started getting rid of your makeup stash from last season, but try to hold on to your black liners for the next one. An autumn getup is never complete without black eyeliner, whether it be a soft smudge or a dark, greasy application. If you want a controlled look, create clean, simple lines with these Asian eyeliners from YesStyle. But if you’re aiming for more drama, rim the entire waterline and smudge the edges to get a soft yet smoky effect.

Gold and Glitter

A night out with friends? Find your glitter pots, quick. If you have reservations about using shimmer on your face, the safest way to go about it is by putting on glittery taupe-colored eyeshadow. For a daring look that will definitely turn heads, you can use pastel-colored shimmery liners to draw sparkly teardrops.

Fluorescent Colors, Bold Lines

Indulge your fondness for graphic art by experimenting a bit with fluorescent-colored eyeliners. You can use cerulean and crimson liners to draw a straight lateral line right in the middle of your eyelid. Alternatively, you can also ‘frame’ your eyelid. Using black eyeliner, draw a thick cat eye flick and, from the tip of the flick, trace the rest of your brow bone back to the corner of your eye.

Dark Lipstick

Dark lipsticks reign alongside black eyeliners this fall, but these 2 should be utilized separately so as not to divide the attention between your eyes, lips, and flawless skin. Find shades that are closer to black than red, such as plum, wine, merlot, mahogany, and currant. If you want a lacquered look, keep your gloss in place longer by using lip pencils from YesStyle.

Reveling in Red

Because fall is all about displaying your fresh skin, the no-makeup makeup is still enjoying a strong following. However, you can join the changing of colors by adding red lipstick shades to your makeup kit. The look shouldn’t appear too made up, so you can get away with slightly blotchy lips. This style is a great option for busy folks who don’t have the time to redo their makeup.

Instead of making your eyes or lips the focal point of your face, you can opt to center the attention to your skin with subtle makeup. Use a lightweight foundation to even out your skin first. After that, highlight your cheekbones with a dewy highlighter and add a tinted lip balm to finish the look.


  1. I wish I could apply black eyeliner and not feel like I look like a fourteen-year-old who just started wearing makeup and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “subtlety”.

  2. I don’t wear a lot of make-up. But when I do I don’t make it really dramatic. I try to go more toward a natural look. I definitely don’t like glitter or red lipstick! It’s nice to know what’s coming though.

  3. Dotty J Boucher on

    These all sound wonderful, I know for myself I need to get me some new make up, its been a long time but
    when I do I will follow these tips..

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