Teach My Yoga Mat Set – Fish & Learn.

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When it comes to finding learning products for my kids, I’m all over them and I love to share those products with my friends and parent readers. Now and days these children are growing up so fast and are learning skills even faster . My youngest Jada is super smart and she loves to learn even if we can add a twist of exercising to her learning skills, you better believe she’s on board.

Well, that’s exactly what the Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set does! It adds a twist to learning and exercising all together for your child/children.

The Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set was created to encourage active learning. Research has shown that children who move while learning may absorb more. Plus, physical activity is important for a healthy mind and body.
Your child can master the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors, while on the move! With a coordinated yoga mat, magnetic fishing rods, magnetic fish and inflatable dice, your child can have so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!

48″ x 24″ double sided kid’s yoga mat
Front Side: Fishing Pond Game
Back Side: Pond Yoga Poses
2 magnetic fishing rods
54 magnetic fish – ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes
1 inflatable dice
Storage tube, yoga mat ties, learning guide

The moment Jada saw the Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set she wanted it opened right then and there!

Before long we had it opened and all the pieces were laid out so we could see every detail of the yoga mat.The first thing Jada did was grab a fishing rod and placed herself up on the mat. As you see above everything your child needs to play and learn is included in this set.  Again, you have the 48″ x 24″ double sided kid’s yoga mat and yes, it is a thick mat indeed! The front side has the Fishing Pond Game that includes 2 magnetic fishing rods
54 magnetic fish – ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes plus 1 inflatable dice.

The back side has the Pond Yoga Poses listed. Each pose is very easy for your child to do, Jada and I did a few poses and we had lots of fun! I think the dog pose was her favorite since she did that pose a lot and fell clean over each time too….LOL!

Once your child/children are finished with the yoga mat set, all you have to do is place everything back in the storage tube, use the ties to close mat and place away until next use.

Jada was fascinated at how the fish were able to stick to her fishing pole, while she was catching her fish I showed her each letter and each number that was  attached to her pole. After a while or so my oldest daughter joined in showing Jada how to spell her name with the fish!

What I found interesting about the  Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set is not only was Jada learning, the set also allowed other family members to be included. The Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set is a very important learning game that involves adding yoga exercise for the kids to enjoy.

It is visually crafted with bold colors and very thick to support child while they do their yoga poses. Before long your child will be able to master the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors all while moving about and let’s not forget them being able to learn coordination too! The combination of the whole game will have them playing for hours, they won’t even realize they are learning!

 The Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set is a perfect gift and can be used at home, daycare centers, birthday parties, grandma’s house and many other places plus it’s very easy to travel with!

So if you’re looking for a fun, colorful, unique learning game I suggest you check out the Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set via Teach My website. While you’re there take a moment to browse and view more Teach My learning products.

Remember education is the key to success and the Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set is here to help prepare your children for pre-school and kindergarten. Recommended for ages 3+


Enter here to win your own Teach My Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set .



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  1. I would love this for my two youngest boys. I have some of the Teach My kits and they are terrific!

  2. This is amazing.. I love doing Yoga and this would be a perfect way to teach my 16 month old granddaughter. Love it!!

  3. Kimmy Ripley on

    This would be super duper to win for my sweet little Chloe Pearl! I know she would just love yoga!

  4. I have always been a huge fan of learning toys with my kids. Might as well have them learning something while they’re playing! This yoga mat looks like it would provide hours of fun!

  5. I’m beginning to appreciate more and more, games that get kids up and moving now a days. Anything that gets them off their tablets and phones. This game also helps kids learn while having fun! A couple of my grandkids love to fish. This is an awesome indoor game for them too.

  6. Omg I wish this was out when my son was little. I would’ve totally played this with him. I will have to share this with my friends who have little ones.

  7. What a fantastic idea for kids! I woudl love to buy these for my kids. I think teaching yoga and meditation to kids of all ages can really help them find how to manage their feelings.

  8. What a fun and educational idea for the little one. I’d love to get a set for my little guy. I think it’d keep him busy long enough for me to work on my hobby.

  9. This is so cute! When I was a kid my sister had a carnival themed birthday party, and my mom made a fishing game. It was a hit!
    I’m actually doing a project with my kids that is a fishing game. Love this.

  10. Nidhi Chauhan on

    What a fun idea to keep kids busy! my son love playing with fish. would love to win for him. Great review and love your kids pics.

  11. From the stock photo, I couldn’t tell that the mat was a heavy duty as I could from your own photos. The mat looks thick and like it would make a good children’s yoga mat. I tried to enter the giveaway, but no form popped up and there was no link to click.

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