Remington iCoffee Maker, the next generation smart coffee maker! #giveaway

Remington iCoffee Maker, the next generation smart coffee maker! #giveaway

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I did receive a sample product for review, however all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

icoffee-by-remington-logo Are you a coffee lover? Are you seeking to find that next top notch coffee maker that will put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart? Well look no more, iCoffee by Remington might be the right coffee maker for you. I will admit I am an avid coffee drinker and love to enjoy some smooth tasting coffee. iCoffee So when I was given the opportunity to try out the iCoffee to review I was excited. This innovative machine is truly remarkable. The design is that like any other coffee maker I have ever seen.

Now the iCoffee maker was created with a unique brewing process that spins the coffee grinds into hot water which is called SteamBrew. It is said that this process is to seize more of the flavor and minimize the bitterness from the coffee. A few cool features I like about the iCoffee maker is you can see your coffee being steamed-brewed with the visual window and it also has a music note feature that plays (Mozart), this alerts you when the iCoffee maker begins and complete.

I had my husband take the coffee maker out the box and place it on my counter for me, next we gathered some grinds from our canister.

Night Helper Photo

Night Helper Photo

The iCoffee maker was very easy to use and the aroma of the fresh smell of coffee lingered throughout the kitchen, we all know there’s nothing like fresh coffee brewing. I would suggest that you be very careful while the coffee is brewing because the steam seeps from the top of the lid.

As we both began to taste the iCoffee coffee the first thing my husband stated was he loves it, since he is a coffee lover who loves his coffee black free from all creamers he stated it tasted smooth and favorable. I on the other hand enjoyed it but felt it tasted a little more like watered down coffee, now maybe it was due to not adding the proper amount of coffee grinds I’m really not sure but my coffee from my old coffee maker was much stronger. I have agreed to give the iCoffee another chance in hopes that I can find the right amount of coffee grinds to give me the same results that my husband had.

I feel iCoffee is a revolutionary coffee maker that will add great value and taste to all coffee lovers, I just need to find my own desirable taste when adding my grinds…lol.  The iCoffee maker was easy to use,  just grab the handle to remove the brew basket from the brewer, remove lid, add your grind coffee, replace lid on brew basket, return basket to coffee maker add water to rear-reservior close and press start to begin brewing process and its easy to clean as well!


More details: Remington’s iCoffee Black and Chrome Coffeemaker uses patented SteamBrew technology to produce a cup of coffee with a robust aroma and rich coffee crema. iCoffee replaces the standard drip method with SteamBrew technology, an extraction process that uses steam jets to swirl the coffee grounds as they soak. This SteamBrew method produces a cup of coffee without the acidic or bitter aftertaste, similar to french pressed coffee. 12 cup capacity. Reusable gold-tone filter. SteamBrew system uses 15% fewer grounds than drip machines.


 Now you can enter to win this awesome coffee maker, enter below U.S.A .only and ends Feb 7th. Good Luck!!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I did receive a sample product for review, however all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.



49 Responses to Remington iCoffee Maker, the next generation smart coffee maker! #giveaway

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  2. I do not drink coffee I drink cappuccino but my guest I have over my home drinks coffee

  3. sheri street says:

    I drink coffee all day

  4. KRYSTEL SPELL says:

    Seems like lately i drink coffee daily but from Mcdonalds or Starbucks so a coffee machine would save me money lol!

  5. Jeffrey Scheiman says:

    Thanks for the insightful review. The only other time we have heard that someone thought the coffee made with iCoffee was “weaker” than their drip brewer was when they made on 4 cups (20 ounces). The smaller amount of water and grounds didn’t allow SteamBrew to work it’s full magic. I suggest that you try at least 8 cups the next batch. If you have left over, it great for ice coffee or will tend to remain bitter-free even if you warm up in the microwave. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments

  6. Kelly D says:

    I drink coffee every day in the morning.

  7. wendi watson says:

    i drink coffee every morning and sometimes during the day and evening!

  8. Cassandra D says:

    Nice. I hope that I win this.

  9. Cassandra D says:

    I drink coffee once a day.

  10. Lee Wei Liao says:

    I drink once every morning

  11. Sahara R says:

    We drink coffee twice daily.

  12. Pam Gurganus says:

    I drink coffee every day!

  13. Angela Cash says:

    I drink one or two cups of coffee almost every morning. Sometimes I change it up and have hot tea.

  14. David Smith says:

    I drink coffee all day long, every day. I need my caffeine!

  15. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I drink 3-4 cups of coffee each morning.

  16. Kate says:

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but everyone else in my family is…this sounds like a great gift idea!!

  17. CD Sanderson says:

    Would like to try it out.

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  19. Elena says:

    I drink coffee two times every day

  20. Natalie says:

    I drink one cup a day.

  21. Christabelle Rivera says:

    I don’t drink coffee. My husband drinks about 2 cups a day though!

  22. Jim S says:

    A cup of coffee is my breakfast every day.

  23. Sarah Marshall says:

    I like coffee iced mostly and I drink it several times a week!

  24. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I Love coffee. I drink it every day. I drink about 2 to 4 cups a day.

  25. chantal bell says:

    I drink coffee all day

  26. I make a lot of iced coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Not sure you’d call if coffee anymore but sugar drink. I drink it all the time ;)

  27. Jerry C says:

    I drink mine with cream and sugar.

  28. Thomas Murphy says:

    I drink coffee every day.

  29. suzanne marble says:

    Never im a tea drinker.

  30. chickie brewer says:

    I drink it a lot.. I’m a coffeeholic!

  31. lisa lo says:

    Every morning it’s coffee time.

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  33. Tracy Jones says:

    I drink coffee multiple times a day.


  34. Lee Black says:

    I don’t drink coffee anymore because it upsets my stomach, but I sure miss it. My husband drinks coffee everyday, and he would love a new coffee maker.

  35. Brynn says:

    I drink coffee every morning!!

  36. Carol says:

    I drink coffee all day

  37. Debra Guillen says:

    I drink coffee every morning and sometimes during the day, especially in the winter.

  38. julie matek says:

    I drink coffee every morning:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  39. Helga says:

    I drink a cup every morning.

  40. My coffee pot lid is broken I make about three pot a day. I love coffee.

  41. Chavonne H says:

    Drink coffee everyday, a few times a day.

  42. Alice F says:

    I drink coffee everyday from 6am to noon; couldn’t live without it!

  43. Jeanna says:

    My husband and I drink it every morning!!

  44. SF says:

    I do not drink coffee often. I would like to win this giveaway for my mom who drinks coffee a lot!!

  45. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i drink coffee everyday

  46. ben s says:

    coffee coffee coffee
    all morning at least

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