Love At First Smell, Organic Aromas Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection! @OrganicAromas

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We all have 5 senses and they work together to give us an overall feeling. This is a fact. Today I will focus on the sense of smell and how it can change your perception which in turn can make a world of difference about a person, place or thing. Let’s say we walk into a restaurant and it has a foul odor…what are the chances of you staying and eating their food? Not likely, right?

The smell of the establishment made you not want to enjoy a meal. That’s understandable, I do it all the time! Now let’s say the restaurant next door smells amazing!! You can smell the food before you enter the building. You will leave out of restaurant 1 and try restaurant 2! Even if its food you don’t normally eat…why? Because it smells awesome! The smell has told your brain that everything will be OK if you trust restaurant 2.

The same thing applies to home. There is a certain bar you set for the way the “home smell: should be. You want to feel comforted. You want the smell to make you feel like you can kick off your shoes and rest in the tranquility of the aroma. Organics Aroma is the fragrance that I have trusted my home with and it was a great decision! Used along with a Nebulizing Diffusers you can quickly turn a room into a tropical island or a meditation chamber.

The Safety and quality of the product are 100 percent ensured as there is monthly laboratory testing for the oils! Each blend is crafted carefully with skill and insight. The aromas can even be used in therapeutic environments. Right now Organic Aromas is offering The Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection. There are two different packages offered: Awaken and Inspire. Under the Awaken and Inspire choice, there are 5 blends that are sure to set off an relaxing scent in your home.

Each blend constitutes a fabulously complex aromatic combination. Crafted with skill and insight, these ten mixtures were made with precise intent in a way that takes years of practice and special knowledge.

The oils are mixed for a specific purpose and with a particular intention. Make sure your home smells like comfort, like peace…like home! Turn your home into beach with the smells of an ocean breeze or a hammock between two trees in the backyard on a spring afternoon. Anything is possible with Organic Aromas!

I must admit, I have tried so many essential oils before , but none that are strongly scented like the Organic Aroma ones, their long-lasting, refreshing, relaxing, sophisticated, and easy to use in any Nebulizing Diffusers . Take a moment to view Organic Aromas website so you can see their selection of Nebulizing Diffusers.

Check out this awesome Explorer Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit, it retails for $125 and features stunning rainbow-colored LED mood lighting, Elegance is a versatile, effective and therapeutic aromatherapy diffuser that does not use heat or water. The device is clean, safe, uses very little energy and is completely quiet. This diffuser uses pure essential oil.

The pack contains: Lavender, Purity Blend, Peppermint, Organic Sweet Orange, Energy Blend and Organic Rosemary.


What do you think about Organic Aromas?


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  1. Your sense of smell really does make the biggest difference in how you experience things. I love using essential oils to create a welcoming, relaxing environment at home. My favorites are Lavender and Peppermint – I use them both daily.

  2. That diffuser kit looks awesome! I’m very sensitive to scents and I love incense, scented candles and air fresheners, because they can really transform the mood of a space. Unfortunately my asthma and allergies make them a no-go in my home 🙁

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of essential oils for a long time. Organics Aroma sounds wonderful. I love all of their different blends, especially the lavender and rosemary. I’m going to buy one of the diffusor kits and send it to my daughter. She and her husband just bought a house and I know she’ll love it. x

  4. How does the dispenser work? Does it need to be plugged in? Thinking about getting something like this for our RV, as I love the idea of coming back to a aroma filled home after a long hike 🙂

  5. THese look great. Over the last few months I have become more and more interested in using oils in our home and for our health. This is a really interesting collection. I would love to try them.

  6. I love essential oils not only because of the health benefits but because of their smell. I add them to the car fresheners and storaged clothes, I have never heard about this line but I am going to check it out. I need a diffuser too…

  7. I’ve recently discovered essential oils. All I can say is that I am in love. My hubby has always been the scent expert, being the one to choose our laundry detergent and candles based solely on the scent. I can’t wait to show him the best of both worlds (oils and fragrance).

  8. Oh these look just lovely! They would also make for fantastic housewarming presents. Since it’s summer, everybody is moving so this is a fantastic gift to give!

  9. These are really fun scents. My husband is such an oils guy. And he’s not picky about brands so I’m sure he’d love these. He totally changes the house with them, and when our dog got sprayed by a skunk, we really needed that Ocean Breeze!
    Peppermint is my classic favorite.

  10. Tami Vollenweider on

    This looks pretty neat! ‘ve always been a person to use candles,for giving out scents,but these are extremely different!

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