Housewarming Gift Ideas That Every Couple Is Sure To Love.

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Today, a lot of couples choose to move in together before tying the knot, which means that you will be expected to get them two gifts – a housewarming present and a gift when they get hitched.

Wedding gifts are easier to pick that housewarming gifts, as normally most couples register for what they would like. However, when it comes to picking a housewarming gift, it’s down to you to find the perfect thing, which can make the present picking process incredibly complicated.

The good news is that although picking a housewarming gift can be a struggle; it doesn’t have to be. To make the process a little easier for you, below are some housewarming gift ideas that all couples are sure to love.

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Interesting wall art

Wall art can make an amazing gift, if you pick the right piece, that is. Unless you are 100 percent sure that you know what design style they are going for and what their tastes are, don’t pick a piece that will only work in a certain type of space. Instead, pick a piece of wall art that is interesting and unique, but also neutral and that will work well in almost in any space. Black and white pieces tend to work best, especially pieces that center around a quote or saying, as they tend to fit well into any space.

DIY toolbox jar

A great housewarming gift is a DIY toolbox jar. This is a jar that you fill with all the essentials that new homeowners could possibly need. For instance, things like a mini tape measure, a multi-tool complete with screwdrivers, a mini hammer, a flashlight, nails, a mini spirit level, scotch tape, sandpaper, and a mini paint brush are all ideal. Obviously, you can tweak this to make it a good fit for the recipients – these are just some ideas to get you started. There are plenty of different options; it’s just a case of determining what the couple would appreciate receiving.

Table pieces

How about choosing a table piece as a housewarming present? The chances are that most of the couple’s money will be going on practical items, so they won’t have the money to splash out on things to make their home more beautiful. So why not give them something that they can display on their table when they have guests, such as silver candlestick holders, a beautiful ceramic bowl selection from Sora Ceramics, or a carved bowl or ornament. Pick something that you know the couple will like, and that will look good on their table.

Food hamper

How about giving the happy couple a food hamper or some sort? This could be a hamper packed with snacks and treats, or it could contain the ingredients to create a few meals, along with a cookbook. Don’t be afraid to get creative – go online and get some ideas and inspiration for items that you could put into the hamper. For this, Pinterest can be a useful resource.

So there you have it, a list of housewarming gift ideas that every couple will love.


  1. Dominique Cloutier on

    The DIY toolbox is SUCH a great idea!! I absolutely love this! And this entire list is great actually! thanks for sharing!

  2. These are such wonderful ideas for house warming gifts. I feel that it really helps the receiver when a gift can be one that includes multi items that will save them that money exspence later. Your gift suggestion for the food hamper is my favorite. And could be centered around so many choices like Italian foods and even include kitchen items like a food strainer etc.

  3. These are all great ideas. I like to try and get practical gifts when I can…because that’s what I would want.

  4. We would love the DIY toolbox idea since we both like to work on things around the house and both of us feel that we can do a better job than hiring someone and really don’t want to pay anyone to do something that we can do anyway.

  5. Best housewarming gift I ever received was a baske of kids toys, since I didn’t have kids, these were for visiting friends with kids. Was amazing and used time and time again.

  6. All great ideas, especially the tool box! I did something similar to this for my sister when she married and moved and it’s been put to good use. 😀

  7. Joey Simmonds on

    These are some great ideas. I the DIY toolbox jar. Us guys don’t like digging for tools for little things.

  8. I really like the idea for a gift of the DIT toolbox. Seems as though a lot of time here is wasted searching for the tool I need to accomplish a small, but necessary job. I love the idea for a gift for any occasion!

  9. Thanks for sharing. These are great ideas. Although i still like to come up with my own, i can now incorporate some of these

  10. Blessed Assurance on

    House warming gifts I like the idea of a food hamper but if I do ever have to give this sort of gift hopefully there is a registry.

  11. These ideas are great. I have to say I like the food hamper one the best. You’re usually pretty busy when moving into a home and this would help the not have to worry about a few meals.

  12. Wow, some really good ideas. I like the food hamper best. I do things like that at Christmas because I got so tired of knowing people weren’t liking/using gifts bought for them so I started getting them Tide, Charmin and Bounce fabric sheets. It seems to b a hit so far

  13. gloria patterson on

    I have to admit the jar idea makes me excited. That would be something I could create very easy.

    My mind is running away with ideas….. what about a jar for welcoming baby or a puppy or cat etc etc

  14. Bilger Susan Scribner on

    Great housewarming gift ideas. I was not aware of the edique involved when determining what to get someone especially if they are not married. I guess that shows my age.

  15. (Housewarming Gift Ideas That Every Couple Is Sure To Love.) Will be something for me to keep in mind for when my third oldest son and his bride to be will be getting married this coming June.

  16. Karen Giasson on

    These are all great ideas for housewarming gifts. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely keep these in mind.

  17. The ideas regarding practical yet items that people will not get for themselves when they move to a new home are great. I have someone who has moved and they are helping me.

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