Four Awesome Ways to Spend a Day This Summer.

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It’s almost here! It’s almost here! Summer, that is! It’s almost here! Phew, we made it through the winter and the soggy spring and we are looking ahead to summer. We always get so excited about the thought of summer, don’t we? We have big, big plans every year around this time of all the things we are going to do with ourselves, our friends, our families. We’re going to take trips and build things and relax more. But none of that every seems to transpire, especially if we are still working our regular day jobs all summer long. What a bummer. But! This year, you can do the things you’ve always been meaning to do. Just make a plan and stick to it. And if you’ve never had visions of grandeur for your summer days, then consider these four ways to spend a summer day – or add them to you already-amazing to do list!

Go Fishing

Remember the lazy days of summer? You were probably about 12 years old the last time you really enjoyed a long, lazy day of summer. Gather up the fam jam and head down to the creek for the day. Every experienced fisherman will tell you that the morning is the best time to catch something, but if you don’t care about bringing home dinner, you can make your way to the water’s edge any time of the day. There’s nothing like the cool feel of creek water on your toes.

Take in a Car Show

Even if you aren’t into cars, per se, you will find something beautiful to look at: how can you not fall in love with the classic cars that you grew up with? Everyone has their favorite. You might even come across a really special car from your younger years like the Baja Bug. You can spend the afternoon strolling along the car park, soaking up the sun, and meeting some interesting car fans!

Hike a Trail

It’s funny how we think that hiking is a form of entertainment but when we remember we should go out and walk to get some exercise, it becomes a totally different beast. Well forget the obligation to “exercise” and just enjoy the great outdoors! Pack a backpack with some snacks and water and head out for an adventure. Don’t forget your camera and a walking stick. Who knows what you’ll find when you get outside.

Play Tourist in Your Town

Every city and town has a few days every summer earmarked for celebrations, whether they be parades, festivals, music events: there is something in every town across North America. Hometown pride is real, my friends. So get out and attend whatever event your piece of the world is putting on for you to enjoy. Cities and towns usually close roads for pedestrians and you can stroll along main street without a care.

However you decide to spend your days this summer, be sure to make a list and try to make time each week to check a few things off that list. It’s the best time of year and there is so much to see and do right outside your door! Have a great summer, friends!



  1. We don’t ever do any of these four. We go for drives, go swimming and visit the splash pad. I would like to add to our regular activities, though. Maybe a hike…

  2. We live in Texas so it is hot hot hot! It makes it hard to do a lot of things outside until evening, Fishing is always a hit or going on walks. When it is too too hot we take car rights and find new local areas.

  3. Summer is my second favorite season of the year of course the Autumn is my fav. But we can only be more active on summer specially outdoor activities. No boring weekend for us, our place was surrounded by mountain and lakes . Our favorite things to do is kayaking and hiking, I guess we spend more time outside our house than inside, We can’t blame ourselves East Tennessee is a paradise for people who loves nature.

  4. I like the tourist in your town idea. Some people think they only can have a fun summer if they leave their city. Thats cool too but its fun to have a staycation or even drive a couple hours outside your city and explore a new one!

  5. Fishing is our go to although we also really enjoy a garage sale. It depends on the weather and what is going on in our area but both of these make for a perfect Summer day with the family. I love getting to do both in the same day, now that is living the dream!

  6. What fun ideas! My husband and I are doing something new this year. We’re looking for state parks that we haven’t been to. Every weekend we pick a new one to explore with our dogs. I can’t even tell you how much fun it’s been. Plus, along the way we’re discovering little dive bars or diners in small town Iowa. x

  7. Great things to remember to do this summer. So far this summer we have gone to an amusement park, swimming, had a water balloon fight, went camping and went for a hike. Cannot wait for the next activites we have planned!

  8. Fishing is still on my list! I love hiking and taking nature walks around the city and playing tourist in your own town is the best! I always take the museums and monuments for granted.

  9. My son would love all four! Although hiking a trail might make him whiny! (not me) My daughter has camp for most of the summer, and it’s full day. My son is starting kindergarten in the fall and this will be a summer of us. I’m looking for fun things to do because it will be a lot of weeks of just the two of us.
    And he loves cars, so cars shows would rock.

  10. There’s not much we haven’t seen in our small town but I’m sure with a little investigating I could find something. We do take a lot of daytrips in the summer. The kids love to do outdoorsy things like fishing.

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