Do You Have Dry Menopausal Skin? Try Out The Vaseline Mature Lotion. #DrySkinHealed #ad

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Disclosure: This is a  sponsored post by Mirum Shopper, however all opinions are my own.

I’ve noticed since I have gotten older my skin has changed in so many ways, especially since I’m in a stage of my life where menopause has really kicked in and has affected my skin a lot! I’m always worried about so many things that may affect my skin like the Sun, Harsh weather, Bad habits, lowered estrogen and progesterone production, oily skin, and dry skin . But listen, here’s some good news Vaseline Mature Skin was created to help combat these concerns and many more. In fact, it starts healing dry, menopausal skin instantly. Now, this is great news to me and I’m sure it will be great news to many women!

No matter where you may be in life right now, making a change to keep your skin moisturize as you mature into your 40’s should be first on your list. Whether you’re experiencing the effects of aging, or just trying to create some good habits to help maintain your skin’s moisture, Vaseline Mature Skin can help transform your skin from dry and depleted, to healed and well-balanced.

With Vitamin B3, which is known to rebalance the skin, and PPAR Activators that can help improve skin’s overall appearance, Vaseline Intensive Care Mature Skin Rejuvenation Lotion will start healing dry skin associated with menopause from the first application. It also offers a light fragrance and absorbed fast for a non-greasy feel, before you know it the Vaseline Mature Skin lotion will soothe your skin and rid you of that itchy feeling due to dry skin.

Now I’ve tried the Vaseline Mature Skin lotion and to be honest, the skepticism I once had about this brand is that no more. You see, as I stated above, I am a woman who is in the menopause stage now and maintaining my skin is a must. Since using the Vaseline Mature Skin lotion I have found my skin to look refreshing, feel smoother, looks healthier, and I no longer have that ugly, cracked looking skin nor does my skin itch anymore from being so dry!

Since seeing such a difference in my skin, I’ve made using the Vaseline Mature Skin lotion my daily regiment, after I shower, before bedtime, and of course on my hands. I love how it locks the moisture within my skin without the greasy feel and the light fragrance smell too!

Think of it this way, just because your skin is changing with age doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to nourish it and to maintain healthy skin. Let Vaseline Mature Skin lotion help you keep your skin rejuvenated and healthy!



You can grab your Vaseline Intensive Care Mature Skin Rejuvenation Lotion today at,!



  1. When my mother in law was going through this phase, she said her complexion suffered A LOT. She had all the worst symptoms and on top of that she lived in Alaska so lotion was a basic necessity! She really like using Vaseline for her body. I’ve never seen this particular one but I’ll defnitely share this with her. 🙂

  2. Jerry Marquardt on

    I appreciate the information contained in the article here, as this will help me out when making the decision to buying The Vaseline Mature Lotion. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. How awesome to make something so specific that helps in such an uncomfortable time!! I will make sure to share it with the older goddesses in my life!!

  4. Interesting. I’ve noticed big changes in my skin as I get older, but it never occurred to me to look for a lotion specifically for women of a certain age. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. This is really good to know! I’ve already been through menopause, but I use lotion for my skin, because I am a Diabetic. I use Vaseline lotion and Aveeno lotion now. I might as well use Vaseline Mature Skin and treat two things at once! Thanks for sharing- you’ve sold me!

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