How to Tour NYC on a Bike.

Image Credit New York City is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, and for good reason: few cities are as famous as the Big Apple. It’s a place with a rich history, rich culture, and a diverse background, making it an interesting and multi-layered city. What’s one of the best ways to tour NYC? How about hopping on a bike? Bike tours are one of the

Pack MedJetAssist and Always Be Ready.

Image Credit Can you imagine working for three years straight with no vacation? Late nights, early mornings, meetings, and project due dates can begin to weigh on a person, no matter who you are. So when my cousin heard the words, “You have been working hard for so long. Take a paid vacation on us as a thank you. Three weeks: go enjoy some sun and your family,” I was

A Mecca for trekkers and mountaineers, Nepal- the land of the Himalayas.

Image Credit For a small landlocked country in the southeast of Asia, Nepal certainly has a lot of diversities that are rich and flourishing. From the smooth flat plane lands of the Terai to the rugged snowy Himalayan peaks in the north, Nepal possesses unique topographical features that make the country a cornucopia of distinct hallmarks. This attribute of the country has resulted in the development of various cultures and

3 Reasons Everybody Should Visit New York City.

Are you thinking about visiting NYC in the near future but remain undecided? Just know that nearly every person that visits New York City ends up getting hooked on this amazing place. They absolutely fall head over heels in love with it because there are so many astonishing sights, sounds, and interesting activities happening all the time. Whether you’re visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, spending time in Rockefeller Centre, or shopping

Touring Naples With One Eye Open.

  Image Credit Naples is the third-largest cities in Italy and one of the oldest, most artistic and most appetizing. Naples’ centro storico (historic centre) is a Unesco World Heritage Site, its archaeological treasures are among the world’s most important. So, if you’re planning a trip to Italy, don’t forget to add a couple of days in this magnificent town. What to see The massive number of piazzas, churches and

Lighten The Load

We all love getaways! I mean, who wouldn’t like to visit South Carolina to enjoy some waves on Myrtle Beach or go to Chicago for a romantic getaway at a Sybaris hotel? While everyone can enjoy a getaway, not everyone loves planning vacations. No one likes searching every single hotel website only to find that their dream hotel doesn’t allow pets or doesn’t have a gym. What I love about HotelPlanner is

How to Consolidate Debt without Giving Up On Travel Goals.

Image credit Travelling is fun; but not for all. There are people who dream big but have no resources to convert them into reality. And, there are people who do not mind travelling the world on finance. After all, life happens just once! So, avid travelers do things like travelling on credit card, and also by taking loan. To come to the rescue of such happy-go-lucky people, debt consolidation management

Packing For Florida? Here's What You'll Need.

Credit Pic Link You might know that I recently headed off to Universal Studio in Sunny Orlando Florida. Perhaps it encouraged you to book your own trip to the sunshine state. Well, if that’s the case, you need to know what to pack before you head off. There are a few things that will prove to be very useful in Florida and here are some of my recommendations. A Phone…Obviously

Why is Lavasa the Best Place to Spend a Weekend When Visiting Pune.

 Image Credit Because of the presence of a number of budget hotels in Pune between 1000 to 1500, the tourists love to stop by in this gorgeous city and enjoy the growth of the IT hub there. The work-life, the party culture, the delicious food – everything draws tourists to the city of Pune. However, if you have already booked your stay at one of the hotels in Pune between

Hot Fun In The Summer Time With Michigan’s Adventure! #ad #MA100REASONS #michigansadventure

This pass weekend was Father’s Day and my family and I celebrated that day a little different then usual. We had an opportunity to visit Michigan’s Adventure and WOW, was it FUN! Now, to be honest, I really don’t know where to begin form the moment we stepped foot into the park the kids and my adrenalin were at an all time high, let’s say we were like little bitty children…lol!

How to Save for a Family Vacation on a Budget.

Image credit Pick Your Destination There is lots of advice out there about how to save for a family vacation on a budget. It’s all high-level theoretical mumbo jumbo about how real families would save money in a perfect world. A lot of these articles tell you to set a budget first. My advice is to pick your destination first. It’s much easier to know the real scope of what

Get a Free Promotional Family Holiday with CLC World Travel Centres!

Image Credit CLC World promotional holidays have been getting some buzz lately with concern about being a scam. The good news is that the offer is completely legitimate and provides exactly what is said. In return for a day of your time to hear a presentation, CLC World is giving away 7-night stays at a few choice locations available out of over 20 offered! Signing up is simple, too, just

Five Odds Reasons to Visit The Bahamas.

Image Credit Enjoying a luxurious vacation in the Bahamas is a dream many holidaymakers share. From its sprawling beaches to its laid-back lifestyle and swaying palms, this island is the original Caribbean beach vacation. But there is so much more to this magical island that just crystal blue waters and white sand beaches. The island is packed with places to explore and experiences to uncover, making it a true Caribbean

Travel Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Adventure.

Image Gredit Traveling, while fun and enjoyable, requires a lot of planning, particularly for overseas trips. You have to book a flight, secure a visa (if necessary), plot an itinerary, secure accommodations and set a budget accordingly. After you get the basics down, then you can allow some leeway for a bit of spontaneity. The easiest route is to avail tour packages, but where’s the fun in that? If you

Gap year travel ideas!

Image Credit The idea of a gap year appeals to a great many students but what many do not immediately realize is that taking a year out can be the type of meaningful experience that stays with you for life. A gap year enables you to explore new places and discover parts of the world you were always interested in visiting. Time out from studies can also mean volunteering for

Visiting Sapporo: Fun Activities for Non-Skiers.

Image Credit With miles of pristine, light, and powdery snow, Sapporo has quickly risen to become one of the world’s top skiing destinations. Avid skiers flock to this city all year round to pound snow and carve its challenging slopes. While it is commonly known as a haven for skiing enthusiasts, the capital of Hokkaido still has a lot to offer its visitors who prefer to do things off the

10 Most Dangerous Roads around the World.

The North Yungas Road, Bolivia: Also known as The Death Road, this 69 km road is extremely dangerous as the name suggests. What makes it so dangerous is its sharp turns around cliffs that are not secured by any barriers. The poor visibility because of the dense cloud cover also adds to the problems of the drivers. Despite these conditions, backpackers have become quite fascinated with this road and cycling

Going to Cape Verde with the Family

Are you thinking of going on a summer holiday with your family? You might want to try Cape Verde. This archipelago of islands boasts year-round sunshine and lots to do for young and old alike. Here are some of the things to see and do with the family in summer on your Cape Verde holidays. ​Sal If there’s one island that you really must visit with the family, then it’s Sal. The

Are You Traveling This Holiday?

WOW, time is really flying by and before you know it the Holidays will be among us. This holiday season my husband and I are planning to do some traveling, I’m not sure where we want to go but I do know I’m headed somewhere. LOL! I’ve had my heart set on visiting India and the Holy Land ( Jerusalem) so I kind of have an idea just not sure. I’ve

Top Reasons Why It’s Relaxing to Live in Australia.

Australians are good at striking the so-called work-life-balance. They always ensure that they have time for themselves and their families despite working full time. Working on your feet or sitting in front of a computer and doing it full time everyday can be really harsh to your mind and body. Post-work relaxation can be impossible to others but not with Aussies. Anyone should find some time for to help forget