Come Cruise With Me On The Playmobil Cruise Ship! @PlaymobilUSA #familyfun #toys

Have you ever heard of the Playmobil Toy Company? If not let me tell you about this awesome company. My children and grandkids have enjoyed playing with Playmobil toys for sometime now! The great things about the Playmobil company is all of their toys are made of good quality, are entertaining, fun, and will make any child happy. Playmobil is a line of toys produced by the Brandstätter Group, headquartered

Two Fun Summer Toys Your Kids Must Have! #ZORBEEZ @mayatoys_wow

Even though school may have already started for some kids today! There’s still many summer days ahead for them to enjoy a few new fun toys on their off time.  Toys like the two below from Maya Toys! This toy is called Monster Oozers – One Eyed Joe. Your kids can surprise their friends with the gross shooting action of Zorbeez™ Monster Ooozer One-Eyed Joe! All you have to do is

Best Choice Products 12V Powered Extra-Large Kids ATV Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On. @BCProducts

When I tell you Best Choice Products carry a wide selection of products in just about every category, they really do! You can find awesome products for your Home| Outdoors| Fitness| Toys and much more! After taking some time browsing around on their site, I saw something that really peaked my interest so I reached out to them. Well, to my surprise Best Choice Products said yes to my inquiry and I

New LuLu

Not too long ago we had a chance to test out two Rockabye Rockers with Jaden. The moment we opened one of the boxes, you could hear one playing a cute lullaby musical tune. As parents, we all know rocking horses are generally one of those childhood toys that have made children smile for years! They basically become the heirloom toy that is sometimes passed down from generation to generation. I remember my oldest son having

2017 Summer Guide Featuring The Untangled Pro Bluetooth Headphones from  LilGadgets!

Yayyyy, summer has set in and my kids are very happy to be out of school for the summer.  With them being out of school, I’m always looking for things for them to do and many ways to keep them entertained and relaxed. Well Lil Gadgets has a great product to keep them relaxed  and entertained while they’re off for the summer. Now your children can enjoy their music wireless,

Dash STEM Learning & Educational Toys by Wonder Workshop’s! @BestBuy, #ad, @makewonder #dashrobot

Technology has changed so much, if you take a moment to just look at all of your gadgets, like cellphones, computers, toys and more you’ll see just how advanced those items are today! In a world in which we live in technology has become very important, even to STEM education. STEM has become an education curriculum course now in many school. If you’re not aware what STEM stands for let me share with

Circle with Disney, Manage Your Family Devices! #ad @BestBuy @meetcircle 

I’m sure you may be wondering what is this Circle With Disney device? Well, Circle with Disney is a device that allows families to: Set Time Limits — Create daily time limits on apps and sites, Filter Content — Set individual filter levels by age, Set BedTime — Choose a BedTime for your family’s devices, and Pause the Internet — With a single tap, pause Internet activity. Now one good thing about the Circle

Preparing Your Home for a Child with Disability.

Image Credit Taking care of a child is already a monumental task, but taking care of a child with disability can be even more of a challenge. A child with disability may require anything from medication and special amenities to therapy sessions, and perhaps even specialized education. Preparing your home to accommodate the needs of your young family member is an important part of their care. Unfortunately, this task can

Teach My Yoga Mat Set – Fish & Learn.

When it comes to finding learning products for my kids, I’m all over them and I love to share those products with my friends and parent readers. Now and days these children are growing up so fast and are learning skills even faster . My youngest Jada is super smart and she loves to learn even if we can add a twist of exercising to her learning skills, you better believe she’s

Creating Safe Independence For Your Kids.

It seems that every day there’s another story of children being victimized in some way. Whether it’s kidnapping, abuse, or drugs, the tragedies never seem to stop. It has created a mentality of fear in parents’ minds, one that has them afraid to let their kids out of their sight. Of course, this life in a bubble isn’t very fulfilling for kids. It also fails to develop a lot of

Welcome To Our “All Season Kids Guide”! Today's Showcase Is The New Y Fliker A3 Red from Yvolution™

Welcome to the Night Helper  “ALL SEASON KIDS GUIDE”!  Grab your pen and paper, sit back, and get ready to view some awesome product ideas for your kids this month! We will make sure to leave you with links to visit every product just in case you’re seeking to purchase some cool kid products!   Image Credit Today we want to showcase our next product which is the Yvolution New Y Fliker A3 Red Self-Propelling Scooter.

Make Believe Toys For A Rainy Day From #LearningResources & #HABA

Image Credit One thing for sure, when the Spring Season hit, you can bet your bottom dollar those April showers will follow along soon. Just like today, the weatherman has issued April showers for the next few days and what better way to stay indoors and enjoy a few “Make Believe Toys”! Enjoying a few toys and playing a few games while the rain falls will definitely help to keep

Kids Fly Safe CARES Airplane Safety Harness!

Today we want to showcase our next product which is Kids Fly Safe CARES Airplane Safety Harness!  When it comes to traveling, I’m always making sure my kids are well strapped in the car, bus, or even on a plan! The cool thing about the Kids Fly Safe CARES Airplane Safety Harness is you will no longer have to lug a bulky car seat throughout the airport! This innovative child harness will

Welcome To Our “All Season Kids Guide”, a little something for every age! Today's Showcase is The Baby Cubby!

Welcome to the Night Helper  “ALL SEASON KIDS GUIDE”!  Grab your pen and paper, sit back, and get ready to view some awesome product ideas for your kids this month! We will make sure to leave you with links to visit every product just in case you’re seeking to purchase some cool kid products!     Image Credit Today we want to showcase our next product which is The Baby Cubby Having a 

Usefulness of Online Puzzle Games for Managing Kids and Chores Together.

Nowadays, parents remain worried about a lot of things related to their kids and the worries seem to have no end. It is not only about looking after the education and health of the toddlers. You also have to think about keeping them engaged in productive and healthy recreational activities. There are so many distractions and loopholes for kids to get deviated that parents remain on tenterhooks. The reality is

3DLight FX Lights, Paw Patrol Chase Nightlight & Star Wars BB-8 Droid. Jazz Up Your Kids Walls!

As a parent with three kiddos I’m always looking to jazz up my kids bedroom décor. No matter if it is a nice sheet set,  comforter, or something to display on their walls. Well, I think we have just hit the jackpot with this awesome product called 3DLIGHT FX Deco Lights. Now the kids rooms are being prepped to be painted this summer, they are long overdue, so these 3DLights FX

Imaginations Will Flow With The Pacific Play Clubhouse House Tent, kids will LOVE IT!

Parents, if you’re seeking to find a great outdoor tent to help bring out your children’s imagination, I suggest you grab the Clubhouse House Tent. As a mom with four kids having the Pacific Play Club House Tent on hand would definitely help to keep me a little sane, lol! You see, the Pacific Play Club House Tent will surely help to stimulate any child’s imagination and would be perfect for

Is Online Tutoring a Good Option for Your Kids?

IMAGE CREDIT While the public schooling revolution brought on by the Industrial Revolution has done a lot of good for the world, not every child is suited for that environment. If you’re a parent who isn’t happy with the schooling that’s on offer in range of where you live, you’ve never had too many options. On the one hand there’s homeschooling, which is affordable but incredibly time-consuming if you do

Holiday Travel with BubbleBum

During the holidays most people do a lot of traveling. When it comes to traveling with children we all know how much work it can be. Add to that the transferring of all their toys and car seats and bags. It really makes you second guess your decision to leave the house at all. But we all know that with families staying home isn’t an option, there are people to