Securing Your Loved Ones At Home.

Image Credit Feeling safe at home is one of the highest priorities for any family. No one wants to worry about break-ins and home invasions that threaten our safety. We want that warm bed, cozy living room, and the sanctuary of our kitchens. We want to know that the things we have worked hard to purchase will stay there. So how do we make sure that our home is as


Image Credit  Even though it sounds like an unachievable mission, having a clean house with your furry inhabitants is actually something quite realistic and possible! However, if you are not prepared to accept the fact that it probably won’t be as impeccable as you might have gotten used to, then having a pet strolling up and down your living room carpet probably won’t be the perfect solution for you. Everything

Home Upgrades That Really Do Add Value

Image Credit If the time has come for you to make upgrades to your home, you need to make sure those upgrades are going to add real value to your home. Some upgrades won’t have any real impact on the market value of your home, and those are the ones that you should probably hold off on. It’s always better to priorities the changes that are going to matter in

Build Vs Buy: Figuring Out What Works For You.

Pexels When it’s time to move into a larger house, you probably think that you only have one option: buy a new property. But is that really the only option that you have? What about building your own home yourself? Of course, both buying and building come with their very own set of pros and cons. Not too sure which is the best one for you? Here are the various

5 Simple Tactics to Maintain your House.

Never skimp out on your house’s maintenance. It is very crucial to maintain your house to prevent faults from showing up and diseases from spreading. Well maintained houses always look clean and pleasing to the eye and are even said to have therapeutic qualities. In case you have some preexisting issues in your house, you should consult a website like homyden.com to find effective solutions for fixing them. To prevent

5 Reasons Why You Need a Handheld Vacuum at Home.

Image Credit  The main helper of any housewife is a vacuum cleaner. A powerful fully functional device will perfectly cope with the most complicated thorough cleaning, remove dust, dirt and even wash windows. But what if you need to clean a small portion of the room? Do you have to assemble and disassemble this cumbersome device because of every handful of spilled cereal or a flock of pet hair on

Top 5 Home Tasks that Are Better Left to the Pros.

Image Credit Face it, we live in the age of DIY, do-it-yourselfers, that feel if it’s in their home they should be able to fix it. It’s no wonder really, since DIY shows are a dime-a-dozen, and you can subscribe to DIY magazines left and right. While DIY home improvements and repairs do have their place, there are just some home tasks that are better left to the professionals. Either

How to Get a House Into Peak Condition.

Image Credit It’s common for people to wonder why anyone would rent a place to live when they could own one instead. That is, until they become homeowners themselves. It’s soon discovered that homeownership is a near constant battle against the elements. Allow property to go without maintenance long enough and nature finds a way to start a slow but certain demolition process. It is the obligation of a homeowner

What to Consider When Buying A Mattress.

 Image Credit Your personal habits and the way you set up your bedroom will largely define your sleeping patterns. And even though you spend quite a lot of time on your mattress, it’s probably not something you think about until it’s time to find a replacement. But what do you look for when it comes to replacing the unsung hero of your bedroom? Set Your Mattress Budget As soon as

5 Ways to Bring Your Garage into the Future.

 Image Credit Garages have always been designed to keep cars, that’s the primary purpose and the reason they were first added to our homes. In the days of your father and/or grandfather, they were used for that purpose and that purpose only. That steadily changed though and they became junk rooms, places to store Christmas decorations and other clutter that we don’t really use. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

3 Things That Make Your House a Home.

Image Credit When you put the down payment on a house or the security deposit on an apartment, you’re purchasing a place to live. It will be up to you to create a space that you feel like you can call home. What makes a house a home? The answer might prove different for everyone. To some, it could be the people who live in it and the times you

Want to Update the Look of Your Home’s Interior? Fully Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional to Help with the Decorating Before Making a Final Decision

Image Credit There are times when you may get bored with the look of your home. You may feel that the look needs to be updated so that it better reflects your personality. When you want to redecorate your home, you can hire someone to help you with the decorating or take matters into your own hands. There are pros and cons to both options so it is best to

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How to create a calming home.

Image Credit There are many ways of adding style and charm to your home without breaking the bank, but one of the most important aspects that you should always keep in mind is that it is a home first and a house, condo or apartment second. Your home needs to be an oasis of calm and sanctuary after the rigors of day to day life.  Here are our top tips


Image Credit  Someone who has limited use of all of their limbs, or have be missing one or more of them, might find that many things that others take for granted around the house have become a real stressor for them. Whether you lost a limb or have limited mobility after suffering from a stroke, you will want to take a few moments to review the following advice regarding some


Disclaimer: The Night Helper Blog partnered with O-Cedar on a sponsored post, however all opinion expressed in this post are 100% my own. When it comes to doing chores around the house, my least one to do was always mopping!! Since I have a chronic back injury, I don’t do any mopping anymore. I actually turned that chore over to my  daughter who now mops every room, but she too don’t like mopping anymore.

Simple Secrets To A More Worldly Home.

Image source One of the most alluring, exciting, breathtaking and mesmeric trends to grab our attention recently is worldly décor. A lot of trends want to embrace this idea of sophistication, but most of them miss the mark. They end up being cold, minimalistic, and snobbish or lost in luxury. But not homes that embrace this idea of being more worldly; these homes hit sophistication in a way that no

Love At First Smell, Organic Aromas Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection! @OrganicAromas

We all have 5 senses and they work together to give us an overall feeling. This is a fact. Today I will focus on the sense of smell and how it can change your perception which in turn can make a world of difference about a person, place or thing. Let’s say we walk into a restaurant and it has a foul odor…what are the chances of you staying and

A Step-by-Step Guide for Selling Your Home.

Image Credit Selling your home is a big project with many steps. It can be overwhelming, especially the first time, when you may still be wondering, “How do I sell my house?” The steps are an advantage: you can take things on a few at a time. Let’s divide a sale into three parts: Finding an Agent, Prepping Your House for Sale, and Offers and Closing. Stay on top of