Back Pain No More: Easy Sleeping in Your 50's.

Image Credit The topic of sleep is one facet of life you never thought would be troublesome. Yet, here you are, tossing and turning all night. You’re not getting the proper rest you need which throws off the rest of your day. There are several health risks associated sleep deprivation. These include: ·  Chronic health problems (heart & kidney disease, stroke, high blood pressure) ·  Sluggish cognitive abilities (learning, reacting,

Pack MedJetAssist and Always Be Ready!

Imagine working three years straight with no vacation? Late nights, early mornings, meetings, and project deadlines begin to get to you. So, when my cousin was told by her boss, “Take a paid vacation on us as a thank you. Three weeks. G o enjoy some sun and your family,” I was the first person she called. She had flight plans and a vacation spot already picked out! Myrtle Beach,

Advances in Pulse Oximeter Technology.

Image Credit Although most people believe that they have never used a pulse oximeter, almost all of us have throughout our lives. The small, pocket sized devices that nurses and physicians place on your fingertip at the beginning of every appointment is a pulse oximeter. So what are these tiny devices measuring? Pulse oximeters are used to measure blood oxygen saturation levels to ensure there is an adequate amount of

How to will yourself into quitting smoking.

Smoking is a vice that most people are not proud of having. In fact, most of them would love to quit as soon as possible but simply cannot will themselves into doing so. Although the taste of cigarettes creates a strong dependency, there are some tricks you can use to battle it. Like any quitting process, you need to set up some ground rules, make a strong dedication to quit

Aging Smart & Wise: Mental Health Tips For Those Growing Older.

Pexels In the last decade, you have most likely heard the subject of ‘mental health’ approached with ever increasing interest and importance. This is largely a very healthy endeavor. Society is starting to realize that previous attitudes of ignoring people and their emotional needs is a dangerous game to play, and instead fostering a healthy attitude and employing tips to help overcome these issues can be the best thing to

The Top 5 Reasons To Attend A Medical Conference.

Image credit: Pixabay If you’re in the medical field, you’ve almost certainly heard of medical conferences, and even considered going to a few. Or perhaps you’ve already gone to some, but did not see the entire benefit of doing so. There are actually several good reasons that anyone connected to the medical field should attend conferences, and once you realize these reasons, going to conferences won’t seem so bad. You’ll

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Lately I’ve had more than 4 doctor appointments back to back. I’m trying so hard to keep my health up and bring down my weight. Trust me, it’s a lot harder to lose weight when you’re older! Seems as though it’s taking me forever. So my goal is to just take one day at a time and hope that I can drop the weight at my own pace while watching what I’m consuming

Could Your Child Be at Risk from Mental Health Issues?

Image Credit Rates of mental health illness occurrence are rising across the globe. The figures change between countries, often between regions within those countries as well, but a reasonable average that can be applied to the entire world population suggests that as many as one in four of us will either suffer from a mental illness or have a close friend or family member who does. The underlying reasons for


How to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed? Research has identified a strong link between sleep and our physical and mental well-being. Getting your eight hours a day is not enough either – the quality of your sleep is crucially important too. Yet many people still don’t get the sleep that they need. Here are 9 sleep hacks you can employ to feel more refreshed each morning.  Sleep in complete darkness  

Technology And Caregivers Increase Independence.

Image Credit  Advances in medicine have made it possible for more and more people to live with conditions that would have once been fatal. And now, technology is making it easier for those same people to remain at home instead of spending the rest of their lives in a medical facility. The impact on their finances and health is difficult to measure but clearly significant. As a result of that

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Disclosure: This is a guest post on behalf of Mrs. Alissa Francis whose treatment is  sponsored by  ClearCorrect. All opinions expressed in this post is that of Mrs. Francis. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines. Over the last few months, I have been getting adjusted to wearing my ClearCorrect aligners every day. There hasn’t been any significant changes from my last post in regards to how


Image Credit  Someone who has limited use of all of their limbs, or have be missing one or more of them, might find that many things that others take for granted around the house have become a real stressor for them. Whether you lost a limb or have limited mobility after suffering from a stroke, you will want to take a few moments to review the following advice regarding some

Disciplines and benefits of health care informatics degree.

Health care informatics has revolutionized medicine and the way in which patient care is delivered. The industry concerns the integration of technology with medicine in order to retrieve and store health and biomedical information. More specifically, the field involves using technology to organize information in a way that is more efficient and time-saving for medical professionals and their patients. From areas in medicine (nursing, clinical medicine, public medicine) to research

Tips on Consolidating the Medical Bills.

Image Credit When any medical emergency strikes a person, he comes under a financial stress. Many people opt for health insurance schemes, but the problem arises when the insurance cover is not broad enough to help manage expenses. This situation gives rise to unpaid medical bills that actually hit the credit report of the debtor badly and also create chaos in his mind. Consolidating the medical bills require help not

Key Strategies Followed By Healthcare Services to Recover Debt.

Image Credit Healthcare is a noble service. It is different from banks and other financial institutions that serve customers only when they are rich enough. Healthcare services need to extend the best services to the customers in good faith. They cannot follow stringent procedures as followed by financial institutions to recover the medical bills from the defaulting patients. So, how they recover debt and continue businesses? Let’s find out. Accounting

The Ways We Change: Signs Of Aging We Can All Relate To.

Our skin and body is always changing – but after we reach 25, it all seems to settle down: the skin becomes clearer and we get to say goodbye to those adolescent blemishes that have plagued us far longer than they should!… Wouldn’t we be so happy if we could just stay like that!  But wrinkles, dull skin and all the other annoying signs of aging begin to appear! What


Image Credit High blood pressure has been seen to be first and third leading cause of death in America.  According to statistics, 1 among every 3 citizens of the united states have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, that is about 75 million adults have high blood pressure. High blood pressure has been seen to dangerous to your health, by majorly increasing the risk of kidney diseases, coronary heart diseases

Healthy Hormones!

Image credit There has been a widespread conversation about Human Growth Hormones (HGH) since they were introduced in 1985. Are they bad for you? Are they healthy? What were the side effects of using them? Just like anything else, the answers to those questions varies by the user. HGH is used for different reasons depending on who is using them, with the biggest difference being between adults and children. Today