Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Start Your Engines Giveaway.

Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and of course Goofy on a jam packed adventure on all 4 wheels. They will be racing on hotdog hills, London and Hawaii, the adventures just keep coming. Your kids will absolutely love watching the roadsters transform. My toddler is obsessed with vroom vroom cars and Mickey Mouse. Enjoy the friendly competition among friends. Pick up your copy of Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Start

How to Get a House Into Peak Condition.

Image Credit It’s common for people to wonder why anyone would rent a place to live when they could own one instead. That is, until they become homeowners themselves. It’s soon discovered that homeownership is a near constant battle against the elements. Allow property to go without maintenance long enough and nature finds a way to start a slow but certain demolition process. It is the obligation of a homeowner

Back To School Shopping Supply List, TheWork.co.uk has you covered!

Are you preparing to send your children back to school? Have you received your children’s school supply list? Well no matter if your children are attending kindergarten or headed to college, every child will bring home a mandatory list of school supplies. What if I told you where you and your child could grab all the school supplies needed? A company called TheWorks will be able to offer you and your student an

Learn Through Play With Learning Resources Every Day kit. @learninghandson

Education is not only important, it’s actually the key to life if you ask me. With the day and age in which we are living now, the solution to preparing your children for a good education would be to start educating your children at a very young age. With so many awesome education products on the market, your child can kick start their learning right now, but now in a way that

7 Things You Need to Do When You are in London.

There are lots of people who love to spend their time in visiting new places, exploring local inhabitants, pampering themselves through the local regional cuisines and a lot of other fantastic activities. If you are lucky enough to go on a trip to London, here are the few things that you can’t afford to miss while on a visit to this oldest city in the world. Warner Bros Studio Tour

Technology And Caregivers Increase Independence.

Image Credit  Advances in medicine have made it possible for more and more people to live with conditions that would have once been fatal. And now, technology is making it easier for those same people to remain at home instead of spending the rest of their lives in a medical facility. The impact on their finances and health is difficult to measure but clearly significant. As a result of that

Come Cruise With Me On The Playmobil Cruise Ship! @PlaymobilUSA #familyfun #toys

Have you ever heard of the Playmobil Toy Company? If not let me tell you about this awesome company. My children and grandkids have enjoyed playing with Playmobil toys for sometime now! The great things about the Playmobil company is all of their toys are made of good quality, are entertaining, fun, and will make any child happy. Playmobil is a line of toys produced by the Brandstätter Group, headquartered

Kratom – a non-addictive painkiller?

A non-addictive painkiller? Impossible? When you suffer severe pain and you visit a doctor you will almost always be given a derivative of opium in the form of a pill like Vicodin or a fluid like morphine. For very severe pain there are artificial opiates such as Oxycontin that is commonly given for cancer pain. While these are good for killing pain initially, they soon lose their potency as the

6 Sets of HICKIES for KIDS Lacing System (arv $72)

Welcome to What U Talking Bout Willis’s HICKIES for KIDS lacing system giveaway! If you haven’t heard about this unique KIDS lacing system you can read all about it in my review here. One winner will receive 6 sets of HICKIES for Kids Lacing Systems. This giveaway will go from 8/14-29, 2017 11:59pm est. You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the US to enter/win. a

3 Tips for an Instant Boost of Self-Confidence.

Self-confidence isn’t just vital when you’re on a job interview, on a date, or any other perilous social occasion when you need to make a good impression. Possess enough of it every day and your whole life will benefit. You’ll do things well out of your comfort zone just because you think it might be possible, and you’ll do enough “impossible” things to create a successful life. While there is

TODAY You Can Own The DESCENDANTS 2 on DVD, plus you can get the Special DESCENDANTS 2 Movie Night Kit

If you’ve watched the Disney movie DESCENDANTS 1, then I’m sure you’ll also enjoy the new Disney DESCENDANTS 2 movie which is out on DVD today. As with all Disney movies once you’ve watched the first film there’s no way you won’t sit back and watch the second one. I know my kids and I enjoyed DESCENDANTS 1 and when I saw that Disney had released DESCENDANTS 2 we all got

Three Ways to Make Being a Parent for the First Time a Little Bit Easier.

Image Credit Parenthood can be very overwhelming at first because there are so many differences in life that come all at once. While there are gadgets and gizmos available that can make the daily routine of parenthood easier, there are other things that you can do to make your baby’s life as fulfilling and enjoyable as it can possibly be. The guide that follows provides you with a few ways

What to Consider When Buying A Mattress.

 Image Credit Your personal habits and the way you set up your bedroom will largely define your sleeping patterns. And even though you spend quite a lot of time on your mattress, it’s probably not something you think about until it’s time to find a replacement. But what do you look for when it comes to replacing the unsung hero of your bedroom? Set Your Mattress Budget As soon as

5 Ways to Bring Your Garage into the Future.

 Image Credit Garages have always been designed to keep cars, that’s the primary purpose and the reason they were first added to our homes. In the days of your father and/or grandfather, they were used for that purpose and that purpose only. That steadily changed though and they became junk rooms, places to store Christmas decorations and other clutter that we don’t really use. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Two Fun Summer Toys Your Kids Must Have! #ZORBEEZ @mayatoys_wow

Even though school may have already started for some kids today! There’s still many summer days ahead for them to enjoy a few new fun toys on their off time.  Toys like the two below from Maya Toys! This toy is called Monster Oozers – One Eyed Joe. Your kids can surprise their friends with the gross shooting action of Zorbeez™ Monster Ooozer One-Eyed Joe! All you have to do is

3 Things That Make Your House a Home.

Image Credit When you put the down payment on a house or the security deposit on an apartment, you’re purchasing a place to live. It will be up to you to create a space that you feel like you can call home. What makes a house a home? The answer might prove different for everyone. To some, it could be the people who live in it and the times you

Want to Update the Look of Your Home’s Interior? Fully Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional to Help with the Decorating Before Making a Final Decision

Image Credit There are times when you may get bored with the look of your home. You may feel that the look needs to be updated so that it better reflects your personality. When you want to redecorate your home, you can hire someone to help you with the decorating or take matters into your own hands. There are pros and cons to both options so it is best to

Best Choice Products 12V Powered Extra-Large Kids ATV Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On. @BCProducts

When I tell you Best Choice Products carry a wide selection of products in just about every category, they really do! You can find awesome products for your Home| Outdoors| Fitness| Toys and much more! After taking some time browsing around on their site, I saw something that really peaked my interest so I reached out to them. Well, to my surprise Best Choice Products said yes to my inquiry and I

8 Products to Solve Your Parenting Dilemmas! @mifoldBooster @babyshusher @ecloth  @OlenBabyKids @PrecidioDesign

Are you one of those parents that find yourself in many parenting dilemmas? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, below you will find many great products listed that will help you in that area! The first product I would like to share with you is called the Grab-and-Go Booster by mifold. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I didn’t have to lug my daughters huge car seat back and

20 Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Renting an Office Space.

Image Credit  An office isn’t just a place to work. It is, in fact, one of the aspects that could potentially make or break your business. For many, choosing an office space is a challenging and time-consuming task. Make the wrong choice, and you can live to see the company loses employees and clients, and ultimately goes into a downward spiral. Given that an office space holds so much importance,