Bring Reading to Life with Incredebooks: Disney Edition

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I received a copy of the Disney Edition Incredebooks in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts on the product are my own.

When my daughter, Hayla, started Kindergarten this year, one of the first things her Principal discussed with the parents at orientation was that the goal for all students was to be reading independently by the end of the academic year. As surprised as we were to hear what seemed (at the time) to be such a lofty goal, it just makes sense. As the foundation of all education going forward, getting kids actively involved and enjoying reading as early as possible is pretty crucial.

Now that we’re at the halfway point of the year, Hayla is getting more and more interested in reading, which is why I was super excited to introduce her to the new Disney Edition of Incredebooks, connecting her love of reading to her other favorite thing, the iPad.



What are Incredebooks?

Incredebooks are interactive storybooks that connect with mobile devices to enhance the experience for young readers, by pairing fun storyline that focuses on rhyme, rhythm and language with 3D games with some of Disney’s favorite characters.  After downloading the incredebooks app (available for both Apple and Android devices), you can hover your tablet or phone over the special symbols on certain pages to unlock sound effects, music, games, and other hidden goodies!

Olaf Wants A Birthday

Appropriate for ages 3 and up, the hardcover books are perfect gifts for children in preschool and early elementary years.  One of our favorite features is that the 3D pictures have a 360 degree scene, so you can rotate and change the angle of the scene depending on how you’re holding your tablet or phone. It really takes the app from being a pop up to a truly interactive, exploration.

Mickey and Donald's Rhyme Time

The Disney Edition

There are currently two books available in the Disney Imagicademy Line: Olaf Wants a Birthday and Mickey and Donald’s Rhyme Time.  Frozen still reigns supreme in our household, so Olaf’s journey to learn about what truly makes a birthday special was an instant hit. The second book features the classic Disney character line up, as Mickey helps Donald write the perfect poem. The two retail for $14.99 each and are available, along with the other interactive books, on the Incredebooks’s website.

other incredebooks


Other Incredebooks Available

Since Hayla enjoys the Disney varieties so much, we’re looking forward to adding other Incredebook stories to our library. Some of the other books include: Moshi Monsters and other classic fairytale characters, like Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, and Jack in the Beanstalk, in re-imagined ways!




  1. This looks like one my little nephew would really enjoy so much. I had not seen these before. The kids love everything Disney.

  2. elizabeth miller on

    My granddaughter would love these. She loves to read. She also loves playing on her mommy’s ipad. These put together would be a fantastic combo.

  3. These books would be perfect for my wife’s school library because they would grab the students attention with the colorful graphics and fun stories.

  4. Jennifer Boehme on

    My nieces would love to incorporate the things they love, books and the Ipad to read about their favorite thing, Disney characters. They would read all the time.

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